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maloki @maloki

If you have any feedback on the FAQ Guidelines for how to use Discourse, now is a good time to provide us this feedback.

I will link this thread to the support/admin group working on looking over the document.

These are guidelines which are important for us that everyone on discourse is aware of, and want to follow. So we can adjust the moderation protocol accordingly.

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@maloki Technically, its not a FAQ as it does not list any questions nor answers... "Usage guidelines" or similar would be a more suitable name :)

@tajac Yeah, I'm aware. I dunno why they named it that, it's just how it came pre-installed unfortunately.

I'll look into what we can adjust.

@tajac Hah, I just realized that i had edited something which doesn't even show on the page, to make it clear that it's not just an FAQ :o

We published our updates, your concerns were taken into account:

The not-really-an-FAQ of our Discourse forum has now been updated.
Guidelines, for the Mastodon Meta Discussion Board:

Now the next step is working on associating moderation actions with the different transgressions.
Work in progress.