I'm incredibly out of sync with myself right now.
I had planned to take a self care day today, but I tricked myself into thinking that it was okay to game all day instead. Sometimes it is, mind you.

However, I didn't really get the rest i wanted. 😢

And needed..

I did walk to the market though, and we bought a decent amount of fresh veges, and bread!
I also cooked! A very nice curry. With a lot of fresh veges.

If you can, try to go to square markets and get veges, usually a lot cheaper than the normal store.

And someone got back to me about two broken monitors I want to get rid of! They are picking them up tomorrow.

So I guess today wasn't all bad

My mom is turning 60 next week, and I can't afford to go up to see her. Not only money, but also in regards to mental health. I just can't afford the spoons to go.
I didn't get the rest i needed over Christmas. Mostly because I was in pain for 2 weeks, and this is why I didn't get to finish my exam.

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