"I'm not a furry but...."

Does that totally make me a furry?

@maloki If you have to ask, it's already too late.

(One of us! One of us! <3)

@kithop exactly! But I only think that there are cute fursonas and I'm happy with that. :-)

@Irick not really. I mean. Labels and all that. But I still think you're fursonas are super cute, and I can live with that. 😅

@maloki I feel like anyone born 1980+ has the ability to be a furry. Whether they pursue that is up to them I guess. 😂

@alice @maloki I’m older than that and definitely knew of furries older than me when I was in college 🤔

@zigg @maloki I'm not saying they didn't exist before then. I'm saying that given the content we grew up with, we're all basically latent furrys.

I mean. If "I'm not racist but..." makes you racist..

@maloki I've wondered the same thing. Also 'I'm not otherkin but.' -Katie

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