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Something cool happened: @Loa and I are now Humble Bundle Partners, and we've already gotten our first sale!!

Us being Humble Bundle Partners means mainly one thing!

You can now buy Humble Bundles, like you already have been, but support us on our road to this alternative way of sustaining ourselves! We get fairly big cut out of Monthly bundle!

For any purchases

Directly to the monthly bundle:

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@maloki Oh no, I wouldn't! I know.

It sometimes it feels like you're asking for a pint of blood based on the response.

It's frustrating, but it's the way...

I just never have understood it.

@maloki @Loa

Congratulations! Do y'all get cuts from Humble Store sales on that code too, or just the bundles and monthlies?

@AKAHayling We get cuts everywhere. Just a lot more from the Monthly and the Bundle.
But the store does support us as well :)