Hey! If you're new and reading this, remember that you don't need to bring your old behaviors from birdsite and fb to here.

We enjoy genuine conversation, because we can fit in all the words, finish our train of thoughts.

Get to know your community, and how they behave. See if you find something new and novel.


Looks like the moderator "you" in your past just keeps on giving.

Wise words always welcome.

@Algot I was never a moderator! But yeah. It's my passion.
So I try at it a bit again when I have the energy and there's a new influx of people. 😊💙


Glad you take the time and make the effort, pushing through for others.

Thank you.

@Algot I've also learnt that it's a good way to earn a bit of extra coin, which we are in need of right now :D

@scott 😊 we always need to remind people to leave their bad habits behind and build something new over here. 💙

This is what I love about discentralized social media.😊
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