Seriously though, please try to not bring your shitty behavior with you from Hellbird and Facebutt.

Use this as a new start. Learn to see nuance. Know that there may be answers already to your question to someones post (click on it to read the rest of the context).

Just be mindful of others and help out with some of the emotional labor.

We have a lot of spoonies here, but this isn't the only reason.


I'm just going to boost this again. As we had a huge influx of new people with the switter community!

We already have established norms and etiquette, to some extent, it may not be the same across the board, but it's quite different from birdsite and fb.

Feel free to take your time to ease into it, leave bad habits behind. I sure you know what bad habits are connected with hellbird, take some time with it. Or ask!

@maloki I’m sorry I favorite so many of your toots but ones like this especially are *so good*.

@stephen Don't worry! :) You're not alone ;)

I'm trying to help, I'm just happy to be helpful :)

@maloki The way you frame the best approach to getting acquainted with Mastodon is just really spot on. Thanks!! 😁

@maloki actually yes please don't apply the culture of those sites on here.

Try to be a bit more respectful on here, thx!

@maloki (it was a joke ;)) don't take me too seriously when it comes to random things like this

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