I actually want to issue a warning? If you're on a server were your admin doesn't actually seem active any more, you should definitely back up your data!

As a lot of instances were spun up a year ago in the rapid growth we had then, they might be left to expire. And having a backup account just in case may be really good.

Even if they are active, it's easy to forget to renew a domain and having it get eaten by someone else.

@maloki or you know, get your domain from a provider that supports auto renewals and make sure you filter your email so that it into a folder for billing in case something goes wrong (for the owners of servers that is.)?

@maloki no excuse for not doing backups of course.

@fexel so just blindly trust that this is done? No thank you.

And in my own case, I lose track of time when I'm low on spoons (don't ask, look up spoon theory). So when I think I have months left it already expired.

Aggressively countering someone's advice is, well aggressive... 😂🤣

@maloki Assuming aggression is well... Oversensitive.

@fexel wasn't an assumption, it was a reaction to wording.

It got dampened with your follow up though.

No worries

@maloki also, do you only have 12 spoons in your day? i have 16.

@maloki well, 16 tablespoons, or 48 teaspoons.



it is surprisingly difficult to pay someone else's renewal fee at many registrars (domain providers)


@orangecoastcollegeprivacy @maloki Because you aren't responsible for their registration. Still waiting on someone to crowdfund getting twitter.sucks and turning it into a pleroma or mastodon instance.

right, but when they are hospitalized or killed, and you don't know them IRL, but you want the project to continue functioning (since you know they have gratis hosting) this should be easier


@orangecoastcollegeprivacy @maloki a fair point, though currently you would have to prove that the person is dead or in the hospital and have been given the rights to do so for the sake of security. This would likely fall under the responsibility of surviving members of the person's family (if any) and not some random stranger on the Internet. Else you're pretty much SOL and have to rebuild from the ground up.

@orangecoastcollegeprivacy @maloki I suppose close friends of the owner would work too or government entity, but nothing more.

you misunderstand? I don't want to take over registration. I want to pay on behalf of someone.

"Please, take my money."



@orangecoastcollegeprivacy @maloki

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's a thought, and i see what you intended now. However it is impractical with the way most registrars are set up currently. If only a domain registrar does what Enjin does for Game Guild/Clan Hosting and allows anyone to chip in to pay for hosting costs. (not sure if they still do that, but that's what the once allowed users to do when I was playing Planetside 2 in the early days of the game)

@orangecoastcollegeprivacy @maloki If they're dead though, There's no way for anyone that doesn't have access to maintain the infrastructure side of things, upgrades, and so on. Depending on how things are handled anyway.

@maloki Maybe, this question sounds stupid to You, but how do I find that out? I am quite new here, and wouldn't have an idea to even know, who is in charge of this.

@balouqlc add about/more to your insurance url. I know you can click your way there through extended info too.

@balouqlc but you have @CobaltVelvet who is super solid. 💞

Still though, back up one in a while.

@maloki I forget which OG nerd said it but the famous quote I remember is “Your data is only as real as your backups.”

@maloki you should just always back up your data. :)

@chr How do I back up my stuff? Can I set up a cron job to do it?

@astraluma i make regular backups of the whole DB on the server side

on your end, there's a tab in your user settings called "data export" where you can download an archive of all of your data, which could potentially be used in the future to reimport your profile on another server. there may be a way to automate that but i haven't heard of anyone doing it yet

@chr I mean, I'd rather not run selenium just to make backups.

A quick look at the archive implies i could run a script and do it from this end, probably even incrementally. It's just a pull-based ActivityPub replication.

@maloki is there a way to get more than just follows/blocks/mutes?

@maloki can we export our downloaded data backup (that included any toot even image) from old instance to new instance? how to do that

@se7entime you can't import all data yet, unfortunately.

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