Kicking off the day with hot-takes. I thought I didn't do hottakes LOL


Fam? Can we _all_ just try to be nicer to each other, and not constantly step on each other?

Like, take care to actually not step on people.

Kick up, not down. Remember?

And yes, I realize where up and down is, varies a lot.

But let's put this in a bigger perspective:

UP is the centralized shitlords that eat our data and spit out Donald Trump in the election as president of the United States.

Down is the people around us working for the same thing, to take down the centralized shitlords.

Okay, carry on.

@maloki I think you'll find there are differing opinions on what constitutes "up" and "down" in certain relations.
@pettter @maloki As long as "top" and "bottom" don't get mixed up.  That makes a terrible mess in relationships
@boneidol @maloki Nah, some people like switching around a bit, you know?

@maloki may all of our kicks and punches be because we're playing Parappa.

You and I are both on, but where you get to post on politics without a CW, it is fine.

Whereas I get told off by an admin that it is against the rules. See image attached.

Note that, I think YOU @maloki are the one in the RIGHT. You SHOULD be allowed post politics without a CW. I'm generally opposed to CWs, I see them as something that gets diluted by overuse.

What I just want is either the same permissions you have, or an official statement that the poli=cw rule has ceased.

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