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Am I one of those unicorns who really do not care if there are people from my country on a social service I use?
It can be in a game, on a forum, on a social media network.

@maloki For the most part, I don't care, but it get's a bit lonely to never use my native language on social media - after being The Only Known Dane™ on at least one FLOSS networks in the last couple of years.

maloki @maloki

@zatnosk Whaat. I know so many Floss Danes :o You should visit FSCONS :>

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@maloki I'm bad at networking / smalltalk, so I have a virtually non-existant network of open source danes, even though I'm formally educated (in CS) from Aarhus Uni and was at Copenhagen Uni for half a year.

Combine that with not living in either of those cities, and my options for connecting with open source danes are slim.

@maloki I'd love to visit FSCONS, and just looking at their site makes me want to submit a proposal - even though I've never done anything like that before.
But, due to personal life events, I'm bound to stay home the coming winter :)