Bryan Lunduke's message to Mastodon developers:

"If you're listening, we need an ability to move between servers & migrate an account between servers where people who are following that account get updated in some way to follow it on a new server".

The issue was such: went down. Lunduke lost all of his account data with it being the most followed (4000) person on that particular server.

How to address this problem?


@linux What you want is called Nomadic Identity. It exists for some federated platforms, like Hubzilla, but overall the concept is fairly new within the federated social space. Only recently have other platforms begun to consider implementing it.

@deadsuperhero @linux It's coming. And when it does, it wont be perfect. Just a reminder :P

It's one of those things that are just very big to implement because it has a lot of moving pieces.

I mean, if you lose your email account all the people who have your old email account wont automatically get your new one, right?

Not using it as an excuse, but like, if they really like you they'll find you. And if you import who you follow at least you're a good bit on the way again.

@maloki @linux @deadsuperhero

hopefully i can get this into Pleroma after we roll 1.0, which should provide a decent roadmap toward getting it into Mastodon, since the protocol details will be fully worked out

i think i am about 80% done working it out in my head. if it is easy to do in Pleroma, i might look at doing the patchset for Mastodon too.
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