It’s not April 1, but I knew it then. I wanted to tell you all, because I mean wouldn’t it be a fantastically bittersweet cruel joke, that turned out to not be a joke?

At the same time I felt it was too mean, since then I’ve been sitting here eager, happy, and excited to tell all of you that I am back.

And hopefully back to stay.

I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of questions. Some of you wont even know what I’m back from/for?

I’m back as Project Manager for .

I’m back from being sick, too sick to function. I ended up getting a month and a half of sick-leave, but it took me a while to actually get there. And that, together with some other stuff, has brought me back, on top of the world (that's how I feel)

@maloki Ah, I think I read this a while back. CFS, right?

@adversary Yeah, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but then the fall was just terrible (my grandmother died) then christmas was pain for 3 months until recently.

It's been a lot. But some adjustments to medicine has the CFS a lot more manageable now.

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@maloki That's a whole avalanche of harsh right there ... taking time off sounded like it was necessary, even without the CFS in the mix.

Good that you've now got some more effective means of offsetting it, though. I've got something a little similar, but not quite the same: rapid onset fatigue, so I kind of have a window into it without the full CFS load (don't need to see any deeper, though, I'm sure you'll understand).

@adversary oh yeah, definitely. I can recognize that feeling too. But mostly I was just fatigued all the time.

More balance now. Ofc I'll still need to balance everything now. But I think I have a decent plan for it.

@maloki yeah, if you were drained before you could even begin then you had to take the break. Balance is ... always the tricky part, but that's pretty much the project management job description, so in a way you're ahead. ;)

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