I've started to use instance and server interchangeably.

This may be bad, or good. Not sure yet.

I feel like for some users it's easier to understand the word server than instance, but like.... I dunno.

More testing required

At the same time I know, technically, there's more than one server behind a large instance, because reasons.

Wait, that's how it works right?

@maloki me too. People understand "email server" and blank out when I talk about "email instance" too.

@maloki ... and I feel it helps them understand Mastodon

@maloki I'm there too
Im not sure what new users will pick up on
Instance (more mastodonian, less immediately recognizable)
Server (functional, user somewhat has knowledge of what that is probably hopefully) could spin either way

For me, on one hand I need feel like I'm being let in on a secret thats rare
The other hand, I need to have it feel really easy to grasp the concept and feel I understand as a person


Yes more testing

@maloki I feel like I only understand 'instance' because I used to play with animating in Flash haha. Server is one less thing you have to explain to someone who isn't a tech person I think.

@maloki "Community" might be a really good word 🤔

@craigmaloney I have his book. I'll be reading it over the summer probaly, and applying on Mastodon :D @maloki @zigg

@zigg I've also had people respond to communities with "what's that" ...
And I'm like... Ehm... A Group Of People Who May Like or May Not Like The Same Things Who May or May Not Still Like Each Other Who Happen To Congregate On The Same Server :thounking:

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