Visste du att det nu finns en SVENSK Mastodon instans borta på


Jag föredrar att inte prata svenska, men lite coolt i alla fall!

Tell your Swedish friends on Twitter that there's a Swedish instance!

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@maloki Super fun - I'm at a US college founded by Swedish immigrants, and Swedish classes are still popular. I'll have to see if there are language learners interested.

@Holly That's a good way of doing it! :)

Step one would be reading and understanding the about/more right? :D

@maloki Hi! my partner's Swedish, but I've yet to (properly) learn any. Would it be annoying/inappropriate If I joined the instance as an means to try and learn Swedish? (I won't harass people for lessons)

@sajan I think it's a great reason to join. Learning a new language by osmosis is good.

I'm actually trying to get @Loa (my boyfriend) to consider signing up there so he can practice his Swedish more.

He just finished the Duolingo course in Swedish the other week.

@maloki @Loa Oh noice! I did try duolingo, but I think I gave up pretty quickly/found I wasn't retaining much from it. Excited at the prospect of this being potentially more effective though!

@maloki well i'll try my best...
yeyybon shnur de burgy hurgy tooten-toot, bork bork bork!

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