While elekk is sleeping I'm just going to drop this beauty here!

The digital tabletop bundle is live on

It includes games like Armello, Mysterium: A Psychic Clue Game, and Pathfinder Adventures!


Reminder: using this partner link supports me and a charity!

Okay, it's been abundantly clear to me that I wasn't actually wanted back, I dunno what happened. But here's my farewell from the discord:

It's fine. I'm obviously not wanted by Gargron anymore. And I guess I pushed the wrong buttons, but I honestly thought he needed/wanted someone to call him on his bullshit, I was wrong.

Anyways, since this time I also got stripped of my admin status on the discord, that I've had for over a year, obviously I'm not welcome. So I'll be taking my leave.

This is really weird right now:

Especially since, as soon as I hit media, it just opens it in a new column..

Remember Pop Rocks? This chocolate basically has that in it. And it's weird as hell.

Mistakes were made...

Okay, I know yall don't want to hear about the Royal wedding, but!
This part is particularly rad!

"The Royal Wedding Was Blacker Than Expected and We're Here for it!"


I love it 💞

Galactic Civilizations II, Ultimate Edition free for a limited time on Humble Bundle!

Using our link lets them know you found out about it from me, even thought a free game obviously doesn't give anything.


Is your data that's stored online safe?

Flow Chart.

After-therapy lunch! This Thai food can almost always convince me to go to therapy when I don't want to.


Not just the daughter of Thanos! The Nebula bundle is back with another shining compilation of some of the best speculative fiction ever published. Get titles from Ursula K. Le Guin, Greg Bear, Octavia E. Butler, James Morrow, and more. It's not around for an infinity, though, so grab the bundle now!"


Here comes some shilling!

If you have missed it, Humble Bundle is currently having their Spring Sale!

They even have a Stamp collection so you can get 2 games for free, if you just check in on the site 5 days during the sale. Not too bad!

To let them know you're coming from me feel free to use my affiliate link!


When Lidl brings in Finnish stock!

Karelian piroge, and Saturday sausage. <3

And the spring sale is live on Humble Bundle as well!


Using our partner link help support us. Thank you for your consideration <3

Speaking of accessibility:

(ofc I forgot the captions)

And there's a 505 games sale right now! Up to 90% off!

With games like: Abzu, Brothers, Last Day of June, Tiny Brains, and some driving games!


Me, on Thursday: Yey I did all my hours! Time to take the weekend!

Me, today Saturday: Oh yeah, I forgot we're close to release, which means "DO ALL THE WORK!"

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