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Getting so many boosts right now, so if I sort them out, I still only see a few notifications of mentions...

This seems like one of those luxury problems no one ever really notice :D

"Load More" :D

Allocating space for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Gonna test it out to see how it runs, and figure out if I can stream it. I may not be able to until we have more RAM on this computer.

We'll figure it out, soon!

Ohhhh Snap! There's an IGF Awards sale going on on Humble Bundle!

So basically, fairly new games, for great prices, and a little % goes to me and Loa if you buy any of the games.

Great way to fill up your steam library, or get a birthday gift for some april child, while also supporting our endavours!

In about an hour we're going to be playing something new tonight!

We're going to adventure in Traverser and see where it takes us! Hopefully it wont put too much strain on my arm!

See you soon!

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Okay, I'm going to be good and lay down in bed and read.

Really enjoying this book :

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I think I need to retire my Twitter account right now

"Anybody can paint; all you need is a dream in your heart and a little practice."
- Bob Ross

With this humble bundle you can go on a Bob Ross journey with painting, as it includes both some Bob Ross episodes, and some tools to help you Create a masterpiece in Corel Painter Essentials 6 (+ exclusive Bob Ross-inspired brushes!)

By using this link you also support me and @Loa 💞

Almond flower scones for breakfast... They aren't perfect, but still delicious :)

300 follower hype! Why tho? Like seriously, oh you like us, cool!

Hai everyone, tonight @Loa is steering this ship, but I'll be gaming with him.

We're going to play and finish off the story episode!

Stream is live! Let's see what all the hype is about with Shadowrun Returns!


I'm So fucking Hyped to be playing Shadowrun Returns tonight!! It's by no means a new game, but I just really been wanting to play it for a while!

Any other gamers into Shadowrun here?

stream will go live in about 4hrs from this post!

Stream going live soon! Today we're looking forward to the new content patch in !

I did all my habits today! Even though it was a rough day it was also a good day!

Snowing today! Took a fantastically nice walk out in the snow :)

Me and @Loa are heading back into Vermintide 2 Beta today!

Duo cams are going to be live \o/

Couldn't catch Loa on camera though, as he's making us some food!