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View from my desk! Now we'll actually be able to semi watch movies / series / tournaments while gaming!

This university has a huge silent area at the library. With quite a view.
Great place for me to sit and rest my head between lectures.

Repeat after me:

"When I choose to remove someone from my life, it doesn't mean I hate them. It means I respect myself."

Via Tiny Buddha

I'm on the road finally!

Thanks to extra dental insurance I didn't have to pay for the issue with my tooth yesterday, but I had to buy all extra set of tickets for the bus and train

Long overdue patreon update. CW / TW: life death family

"Life happened, and someone died | maloki / kinkymal on Patreon"

Thank you Instagram for reminding me about this gem! I mean.. It makes no sense, but I was having a good laugh.

How to Snapchat video, work only two hands. Via @Gargron

Now, take a moment and read this. Are you complacent?

Via G+.

It is time, for a crazy game in a silly adventure game series! And we are revisiting our old friends Edna & Harvey!

Got this gifted a long time ago to play on stream, by a Patron of mine, it's time to get this show on the road!

I have a feeling that this is my actual mantra in life.
Why? Because sometimes I'm the person who can't help back, but then later I get to be the person to help someone.
I bundle it up with pay it forward.

My fabulous friend makes a variety of poems, and I love her creative ways of getting them out to the world.

Here's an audio one, with visual elements

"Instagram post by Birgitte Brøndum • Aug 30, 2017 at 5:53pm UTC"

On Patreon I follow Amanda Palmer, I've been a fan of her for years, and following her crowdfunding efforts since 2011, at least. I caught her live in Brussels a few years ago, it was a very intimate experience, just after Lou Reed had died.

She has a tendency to put into words things I think about. And this post about the eclipse is no exception.

"total eclipse of the art"

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It is here! The @Loa emote! It is so beautiful.
Come check out or fancy emotes, and our spoopy gameplay in BioShock!

We will be kicking off Tonights Friday Special in about an hour from this post!

And we'll be playing BioShock Remastered all night, trying to make some proper progress in that game tonight. Both me and @Loa will play it, for a few hrs each. Then switch.

Come, hang out, chat, laugh, get scared with us!