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@theoutrider Nothing came up when I searched, so I guess that confused me

I cant figure out how to add people to lists :(

Was a short stream, but I had taken my sleepy pills, and I just wanted to get back into the habit again.
I'll see you again tomorrow!!

We're going for a walk, but when we come back I am actually streaming again! 😀

You can come hang out over at (new url!)
In about 15min!

Not sure what I'll play, so probably more , to finish my wintersday dailies first!

@kakat Hey can you please add a CW tag to these?

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uspol, literal newspeak, systemic violence Show more

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Dropped this on my Bandcamp, a pay whatever the heck ya want single including Embraced and the Byte Night Remix ;d

(also TERF Destroyer 9000 is available on Spotify for those who use that platform)

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Sci-Hub Battles Pirate Bay-esque Domain Name Whack-a-Mole

"And indeed, at the time of writing,,,, and others can be accessed without any hassle."


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Our dearest friends are *so valuable*. Remember to cherish them always. ❤

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If you aren't going anywhere for Christmas, consider unplugging for a day.
Finally sit down with that book you've wanted to read, start writing down that stuff in your head that doesn't want to leave you etc.
You don't even need to reflect on your life, just take a breather.

@Cannor If you want to write spoilers you can use the CW function :)

@wiloma 3rd one to make that joke today ;)