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on #OneDollarPatreon

$1 donation is never a "just $1".

The sustainability of more people donating less aside, for me, as a creator, patreon is not JUST about the money (although money is important in that I kind of need to be able to eat and pay rent.)

It is about knowing what you do matters. It is very easy, as a creator to feel like you are in a vacuum. That $1 says "keep going, I want to see more"

So support your favorite creators, developers, musicians. with $1, and do it proudly.

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Forget 2FA: Here's to new biometric adventures---securing login with your penis

And yes, I've had that discussion with some of you (les nervures sont uniques, donc possible effectivement). Alors, faites gaffe à vos photos de quéquettes

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Is there some way I can debug why tracker desktop search isn't finding matches in files that I'd expect it to? Or alternatively some way I can make my gnome desktop use recoll instead, which actually works?

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Saturdays are usually rest days, but I feel back on being functional again. So time to squeeze in some more work :)

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Right now I have no income. I'll need well over $300 for supplies/book. Right now this is the only thing I'm worrying about. At this point I don't even care if I don't eat. I just want to be able to get my books and supplies.
Hey guys,
I have a month until I start the fall semester and I need get art supplies before I go back. If any has any money to donate to I would be very grateful. Anything would be appreciated.
Here's my PayPal:
Please please boost/donate

Scream stream going live!
First some music, while people join.

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hot take Show more

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actual me: A workshop for helping with impostor syndrome? I don't know if I should go; I'm not sure I *really* have impostor syndrome

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Friday on time!

This week's offerings:

- Starsector
- Crypt of the NecroDancer
- Unturned
- And more of Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea, Part 2

Come join the fun!

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mood: thinking about how much total information that was on the web is now gone because the images with the info were hosted on photobucket or imageshack and never archived

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PSST send me and @kemonine your patreons so we can boost/support you

Which is why I know that between me and my boyfriend we can do some very shitty jokes. But that's between us, because we get each other, and out of our context it would get misinterpreted :)

However, that doesn't make you sexist or -phobic for sharing that meme, because you can still think it's funny as hell, even when you're aware of why it's also problematic.

Regarding sexist, and -phobic pictures/words. Even if it's a meme, it's still sexist and -phobic. It can be both.

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