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A little list I drew up from recent memory

I don't care what they say this is what the people running system are doing in Chicago

Not to even mention anything Rauners done



Long overdue patreon update. CW / TW: life death family

"Life happened, and someone died | maloki / kinkymal on Patreon"

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Noble of youtube to post about Coming Out Day whilst simultaneously demonetizing LGBT+ content there

I feel sorry for you if you seriously belive that antifa is in any way a terrorist organization.

Even when you say it's easy to research and find those facts, you just prove that you did not look at these sources with a critical eye.

If the current US government, either Trump in the lead says something, it doesn't make it a fact. We know, for a fact, with countless piles of evidence that they lie again and again.

They defend Nazis and attack anti-fascists. Think about it.

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Language is a virus, and ideas are communicable.

People internalize this dramatic, emotionally fraught way of seeing the world they've been taught on #facebook or #twitter and in turn transmit it to others; they carry it with them to other interactions. I definitely see people using the same kind of sensationalized emotive #clickbait rhetorical style on #mastodon. But they didn't learn it here.

from #bsxp

Yep! Definitely had forgotten my meds, now that it's been about half an hour since I took it I'm getting drowsy.

See you tomorrow!

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K- koo!! Koo, koo koooooo!!!! *hophophop*

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@vahnj I think your message may have had a mild attack of Autocorrect, but it also became the GREATEST DRAWING PROMPT I'VE EVER SEEN?

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Nintendo has recently issued DMCA notices to many ROM sites. Show more

I'm going to interpret that I didn't get tired as that I had forgotten my medication. So I took it now, and I'm just going to hope that it wasn't accidentally two...

I think maybe I forgot my meds.. I'm not sure...

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hi everybody. I'm making another donations post because we need help badly. decky and I have been living off of donations for food, bills, etc, and will have to continue doing so until one of us gets stable employment. which is difficult because of our bad mental health, which has been slow going to find help for.

in the meantime, you can donate to us through here:

also, if you're on twitter, you can share this

please boost!

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@gabriele @BryanLunduke @sillystring Look, I dunno why you even have to put "allegedly" here, when I am outspokenly anti-fascist. I'm Jewish. It's in my history, too. Frankly, if someone has a problem with being against fascism, I won't be sad about them not coming here.

The mere idea that we should pander to fascists to be successful. Really? No! Fuck those guys.