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@bumbar it was for the local timeline. Our new influx of users use it as a chat room. 😊

@Gargron @mmn @elsander and a lot of Swedish people on AFAIK.

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Are people discussing whether something is valid? Let me tell you as a mod, all things are LAUSCTO*AO):@#(TC@(%OC)L*@YLCO*T@%


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wait, nobody on Mastodon has ever used a dial-up modem, this joke makes no sense to anybody here

Mod Peridot is officially Old

@abysmalthots @Campbellxemma combine it with memrise and you're good!

@GinnyMcQueen I'm on it, just been playing catch-up since I've been very low on spoons etc, after my thesis.

Okay, actually going to bed now ;) good night o/

@aeonofdiscord @Elizafox The new batch of users use the Local Timeline as chat. :D It's kinda fun actually!

Hey guys, Sorry to break up the fun, but a lot of those words need to go behind CWs. Thank you.

@gingerroot @noelle I've once been in a fantastic thunderstorm, on a wooden sailboat. :D

@noelle @gingerroot Thunderstorms are magnificent!! But I hate the days leading up to them, usually too hot and humid. :o

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Sorry, my bad habit of writing https all the time screwed me over! Fixed.

So, to me as a writer:
I have two blogs, one for gaming and one for musings.

The musings one is basically called "blog whore" in Swedish, because I used to write A LOT. But with school etc, it's been less.

If you like the work I do, both with writing, and here on Mastodon, you can throw some dollaz at me via
🔁 <3 ✨

@Jessiscah and I wrongly wrote https out of bad habit. RIP!

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@gingerroot and since then it has definitely gone in waves, with how much I've been practicing it.