Hachidori 3.3 Beta 2
Hachidori 3.3. Beta 2 is now available, which fixes some toolbar icons that didn't appear properly. Also, most of the frameworks are recompiled with the final macOS 11 SDK.

Your can update to the latest beta by doing an update. Make sure Beta channel updates are enabled if you want to install this version. The change log is below. If you want to download the release manually, you can do so here.



Update your anime list automatically while watching Anime on your Mac!


Are you tired of updating your list manually? Hachidori allows you to update your AniList, Kitsu, and/or MyAnimeList anime libraries automatically. That way, you can keep track of your progress without having to manually update your entries. Hachidori can also update all your lists with one scrobble.

Note: MultiScrobble feature

Hachidori 3.3 Beta 1 Released
Hachidori 3.3 Beta 1 is now available to the public. This release adds macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon support, Hulu and Retrocrush stream detection support, and more. You can now update to this beta build by enabling the "Check for prerelease builds" option in the preferences under Software Updates.

The Changelog is below:

This is the first beta release of Hachidori 3.3 Beta 1 w

Shukofukurou for iOS 2.1 Now Available
Shukofukurou for iOS 2.1 is now available on the App Store. This release includes iOS 14 support, some bug fixes, prompt for score after completing a title and more. While the update is now approved, it should become available for all users in a few hours. The changelog is below.

This release adds iOS/iPadOS 14 support, fixes some bugs, adds Scrobble Share Extensio

Shukofukurou for iOS
Easy to use App for iPad and iPhone to manage your Anime and Manga Libraries

Unlike most apps that allow you to manage your Anime or Manga lists on popular Anime/Manga library management services such as AniList, Kitsu, and MyAnimeList, you can manage all three with Shukofukurou for iOS

Easy to Use

Shukofukurou makes it very easy to manage libraries from AniList, Kitsu and MyAnimeList, explore

Shukofukurou and Hachidori is now in Alpha Preview
For the past two months, time permitting since I have a full time job and this is my side job I do during the weekends, we have begun work on the next versions of Shukofukurou and Hachidori.

Shukofukurou 3.4 for macOS will be a minor release adding macOS Big Sur and Universal Binary 2 compatibility and adding features from the iOS version. Shu

macOS 11 Big Sur Compatibility and iOS 14/iPadOS 14
Now that the dust has settled, we have finally tested our apps on macOS 11 and it seems that nothing broke. However, we want to start working on bringing some of macOS 11 Big Sur new features to Shukofukurou for macOS. With Shukofukurou for macOS 3.5, we will be dropping support for macOS 10.11 El Capitan, which is more than 5 years old at th

Shukofukurou for iOS 2.0.8 Now Released and Development Updates
Shukofukurou for iOS 2.0.8 is now released. While we released 2.0.7, it had serious issues and we had to issue an immediate update.

Reauthorization Feature

One of the common complaints is after a certain period of time, the functionality stopped working due to the refresh token not being able to refresh the credentia

Content Filter Planned Changes with Sukofukurou
In the recent weeks, I have been asked about users not being able to view NSFW content on Shukofukurou for iOS and macOS. I noticed that this is impacting the usability of the application. The filter is there is because of Apple’s App Store content policy. One possible way we can work around this is raising the app rating to 17+ by allowing unrestric

Hachidori 3.2.3 Released
Hachidori 3.2.3 is now released, which fixes Funimation stream detection.

Also, we are aware of the crashes associated with the Discord Activities. We are trying to come up with an alternative solution such as a separate process to handle all the discord activities  so it won't crash the whole application. We should have a fix ready in a few weeks.

The change log is below.

New Features


Shukofukurou 3.4 for macOS Now Released
After some delay due to being busy with work and the whole coronavirus thing, Shukofukurou 3.4 for macOS is now released. This release mostly contains some fixes and MyAnimeList support, which doesn't pertain to AniList. Also, local update history is now added. This update will be added to the AppCast for non-App Store release soon. This update is now available for

Shukofukurou for macOS 3.4 Beta 2 Released
The 2nd beta for Shukofukurou for macOS 3.4 is now released, which fixes a few bugs. We will be releasing a stable release of Shukofukurou for macOS soon, so stay tuned for that.

The change log is below. The 2nd beta will be in the AppCast soon, but you can download it here. Like with beta releases, it runs separately from the stable release.

Change log is b

Shukofukurou for iOS 2.0.6 is now Released
Shukofukurou for iOS 2.0.6 is now available on the App Store. This release fixes two bugs, which includes the manga search functionality not working on MyAnimeList and the progress steppers. You can update to this release of the App Store.

Additionally, we will begin work in 2.1, which will add some refinements. This includes the Airing/Publishing filter as a

Hachidori 3.2.2 Released and Updates
Hachidori 3.2.2 is now released. This release fixes the Funimation history stream detection for Chrome based browsers. Also, this release adds Brave Browser and Opera (no support for sites that require HTML scraping or JavaScript) support for legal stream detection.

New Features

Fixed Funimation Watch History stream detection for Chrome-based browsers
Added support for

Hachidori 3.2.1 Released
Hachidori 3.2.1 is a minor bug fix release that fixes Edge browser detection and adds the ability to update from the Funimation's watch history. The watch history is located in your My Account page. This is useful if you watch Funimation from your streaming device or mobile. You can have your browser auto refresh the history page with Auto Scrobble enabled to have your list automatically updated

Shukofukurou for macOS 3.4 Beta 1 Now Released
February has been a busy week. While I haven't made much updates on the main websites, I kept my active Patrons posted as we didn't have stable internet access until the middle of February. Now, Shukofukurou for macOS 3.4 Beta 1 is now released, which adds the update history, fixes a few bugs and make some changes to the adult content filter, required

Hachidori 3.2 Now Release
Hachidori 3.2 is now out of beta. 3.2 contains a bunch of improvements such as MyAnimeList support, ability to view scrobble logs with improved logging, transition to the official Discord SDK for activities support and more. This release is a free update for all users. It will be available via automatic updates soon.

The change log can be seen below.

New Features

Add stream detection suppo

Shukofukurou for iOS/macOS and Objectionable Content Changes
Just recently, Apple has rejected a bug fix release of Shukofukurou for iOS because of objectionable content (pornographic content). While the titles they provide as examples are not exactly classified as adult content, Apple has strict guidelines when it comes to content ratings.

Since our app is rated 12+, this poses an i

Hachidori 3.2 Beta 7 Released
The seventh beta is now released. This release fixes the token refresh issues when you try to confirm a title and it fails to happen due to an expired token. The expired token is now refreshed to prevent this.

The stable release will happen sometime this week. Check for updates to install this update if you have the Beta update channel enabled.

Hachidori requires macOS 10.11 El Capit

Hachidori 3.2 Beta 6 Now Released
The sixth beta of Hachidori is now released. This release contains a bunch of fixes and logging enhancements. If there is no bugs discovered, we will finally release 3.2 to public.

You can update to this release by checking for updates with the prerelease update channel enabled.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Fix crash with GBPing
Add support for Movist Pro and Macgo Blu-Ray Pl

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