2nd Test Build of Shukofukurou iOS Available for Testing
The second test build of Shukofukurou for iOS is now available for testers. This build adds streaming links, ability to manage custom lists and advanced editing entries. The screenshots of the new changes are below.   [gallery link="file" size="large" type="slideshow" ids="739,740,741,742"] Patrons and people who have a donation lic[...]

Announcing Shukofukurou for iOS and Prerelease Testing
An iOS port of Shukofukurou have been in the works since mid August. Now, after hours of work porting the program and creating the User Experience, we are ready to announce the iOS version. The iOS version of Shukofukurou will have mostly everything from the desktop version, excluding the ability to import/export lists and view…[...]

Shukofukurou for iOS
  Shukofukurou for iOS is a light weight and easy to use Anime and Manga library management and title discovery application for iOS that allows iPhone and iPad users to manage their Kitsu and AniList lists in one place. Coming Fall 2018/Winter 2019. The app will cost $2.99 to download from the App Store. The…[...]

Shukofukurou 3.1.4 Released, Mojave Compatibility and Other Updates
Shukofukurou 3.1.4 Released Shukofukurou 3.1.4 is now released. For the Mac App Store release, you have to wait awhile until it appears. This release adds improved Dark Mode support under Mojave. Also, outside the Mac App Store, the app is now notarized for macOS Mojave. The change log is below. Bug Fixes and Enhance[...]

Submitted an updated version of Shukofukurou to the App Store, which adds Mojave support, namely Dark Mode. Once it's approved, the update will be available to everyone.

Nekomata 0.1 Beta Released
Beta release, adds update on import settings. There is no installer yet, but it will come in the next release. To update, download from Github and replace the old version with the new version. New Features Add Update on Import settings Bug Fixes and Enhancements Nekomata's SQLite database is now saved in the user's App…[...]

We have updated our goals on Patreon. Please support us so we can continue developing our applications - patreon.com/posts/21222510

We have implemented Adult Swim and Sony Crackle stream detection support, which should be in the next Hachidori release next Monday.


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