Stream Data Disabled in Shukofukurou
Due to a bug or something with the legal stream data provider,, current Stream Data won't be retrieved in both macOS and iOS versions of Shukofukurou. It's because of recent changes with the data that caused incompatibilities, which causes the app to crash due to memory usage. Since stream data retrieval is disabled, these crashes should not happen. We will be

Shukofukurou for iOS 2.0 Beta 2 now Released
Shukofukurou for iOS 2.0 Beta 2 is now available for TestFlight testers to test. This release fixes a bunch of issues as shown below:

Dark Mode not appearing correctly in iOS 12 - Due to changes to support Dark Mode in iOS 13, the old Dark Mode for iOS 12 does not appear correctly when enabled, primarily table views. We have confirmed this with the i

Hachidori 3.2 Beta 2 Released
The 2nd beta of Hachidori 3.2 is now released, which fixes some discovered bugs. Also, the help for Hachidori is being moved to our new site, which will host our online manual. The online manual will contain the most up to date information for a given version.

The second beta can be downloaded here. Change log is below.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Fix multiscrobble when MyAnimeL

Sukofukurou for iOS/iPadOS 2.0 now Available on TestFlight
Sukofukurou for iOS/iPadOS is now available on TestFlight. I am opening up the 2.0 beta for users who downloaded the app from the App Store. Beta testing for those users will be limited to 2.0 beta and will not include future beta versions after 2.0.

If you are already invited to TestFlight as a Patreon, you can install the new rele

Open Beta for Hachidori 3.4 and Shukofukurou for iOS/iPadOS 2.0 Begins Tomorrow
The open beta for the MyAnimeList API begins tomorrow (October 1, 2019), allowing us to release our first beta versions of Shukofukurou for iOS/iPadOS 2.0 and Hachidori 3.4. Hachidori 3.4 Beta will be available to the public, but Shukofukurou for iOS/iPadOS will only be available for active p

Hachidori 3.1.10 Released
Hachidori 3.1.10 is now released, which implements some improvements. Since I notarized the disk image instead of the app and putting it in a disk image, the gatekeeper dialog should not appear if you are using macOS Catalina beta.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Token Refreshing will now refresh expired tokens for all logged in accounts if MultiScrobble is enabled
Fix logged in user information refr

Shukofukurou for iOS 1.4.3 and Shukofukurou for macOS 3.3.4 is now Released
A little late on notifying everyone about this release, but Shukofukurou for iOS 1.4.3 and Shukofukurou for macOS 3.3.4 is now released. These are very minor bug fixes in regards to how title information is cached. Apparently, it wasn't refreshing after a certain period of time. Now that is fixed.


Shukofukurou for iOS Third Party Licenses
Icons provided by Icons8.

onepassword-app-extension - MIT License

Copyright (c) 2014 AgileBits Inc.

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy

of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal

in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights

to use

Shukofukurou for iOS 1.4 Now Available
Shukofukurou for iOS 1.4 is now available on the App Store, which brings advanced search, infinite scrolling of search results and various improvements. This will be the last release for a while, besides bug fixes until 2.0 is ready. 1.4.x will be the last release that will support iOS 11. 2.0 will require iOS 12 as mentioned earlier

Change log is below..

New Features

MyAnimeList API Update
At last, the light is at the end of the tunnel. The owners of MyAnimeList will open the API up for closed beta for certain developers, which I am a part of. Since the public cannot use the apps that use the API during the closed beta, there will be no public testing for any of the apps nor any public commits pushed to the public repos until it's made public again. The open beta will happen in September

Shukofukurou 3.3.2 for macOS is now released
Shukofukurou 3.3.2 is now available on the Mac App Store and AppCast updates for non-app store users. This update fixes a bug that causes the program to crash.

Also, an option to enable analytics and crash report sending is now added for donors. We only collect diagnostic data such as errors/success and service usage statistics (e.g. how many users are using K

Hachidori 3.1.9 is Now Released
Hachidori 3.1.9 and 3.2 Alpha 2 is now released, which fixes Crunchyroll detection. In addition, the stable releases now allow stream detection from Microsoft Edge for Mac.

You can update to this release by checking for updates. The change log is below Hachidori has been tested on macOS Catalina Developer Beta and confirmed to work.

New Features

Add stream detection support for Micr

Summer Development Plans
Summer is finally here, so we plan to share our development plans for the months of June, July and August. There is a lot planned for the next few months.

Sponsor button on Github

If you see our repositories for Hachidori, Shukofukurou and Shukofukurou for iOS, there is now a sponsor button, which gives you a link to Patreon. You can support the development of our apps monthly th

Shukofukurou for iOS 1.3.2 is now Released
Shukofukurou for iOS 1.3.2 is now released, which fixes a particular bug that causes the app to crash when a user does an advanced edit to a manga entry and attempts to save the changes.

The change log is below and the source code for this release can be obtained here.

# Bug Fixes and Enhancements

* Fix bug where the App crashes when a user performs an advanced

MyAnimeList API Update
After almost a whole year with the MyAnimeList API, I received news that it will eventually come back, but in closed beta sometime in June. While I don't know if end-users can use our applications when we implement the new api. If not, it will be limited to active patrons until the open beta to assist with testing and development.

First off, we will work on getting MAL Updater OS X working again. 2.5

Shukofukurou 3.3 for macOS and Hachidori 3.2-alpha1 is now Released
Shukofukurou 3.3 is now released. This release adds the CSV and JSON list exporting options that the iOS version received last month. Also, there are further enhancements such as right click context menus for list views, airing and search results. Also the ability to do an advanced search and view more search result

Hachidori 3.1.8 and SwinsianDiscord 1.2 is now Released
New versions of Hachidori and SwinsianDiscord is now released. Hachidori 3.1.8 fixes a bug that causes a crash in some instances when the user attempts to confirm a title. You can update to this build by checking for updates.

For SwinsianDiscord, the remaining time will now match the current track's elapsed time.

Hachidori 3.2 is being w

Voluntary Donations Through Paypal/Ko-Fi No Longer Accepted

Due to controversial changes to Paypal, in protest of them forcing a fee to refund (although we don't do refunds on donations), in principle, we won't be accepting If donations through Paypal. However, Fastspring, which is our payment processor for donation licenses are not affected by this.

You can see the video why we are do

Hato 1.0 Released
A stable release of Hato is now available. This release improves the installation progress by moving the database settings from the ConnectionSettings.cs to the appsettings.json file, adds Postgres support and add an additional endpoint to retrieve multiple title ids at the same time (10 max).

Hato is not for end users, but mostly for web developers who want to interface with multiple anime/manga library manageme

Shukofukurou 3.3 Next Test Build 1 and Shukofukurou for iOS 1.3.1 Released
A test build for the next minor version of Shukofukurou 3.3 is now released. This test build will run independently from the stable version. It adds a JSON/CSV list export option, add context menus for list management and search, and implements a bunch of fixes and enhancements.

You can download the t

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