@shekar1234 every one looks up to modi for solutions. In the process give advice...how what why not...:blobcat:

@stux so then how different from birdie. There too control and coc exists. There machines and alogs dobtje work. Here human. And bias can develop.

@Amrita @Gargron this is hindu phobia. A grab all mentality. Else cry victimhood. Why blame the carrier when the content creators are to be blamed.

@Bhavika that's called fraternity voting... . 4k votes . Size is sinking

@Bhavika didn't blast in 2019. Which day will the blast happen.??

@Bhavika India existed before 1950.. was known by diff name. And did nehru build these??? Did he possess such intellectual rigor to even conceive the idea. Dont want to go further down the drain on his achievements.....

@Bhavika southers are adept at many languages. Look around ၊ जरा नीचे तो देखो जी ၊

@Amber हम सुर।िक्शत नहीं है। इस लिए नहीं बनाया ၊

@incghogha true. Black and counterfeit money is not able to drive the economy. Land prices in kerala stagnant for 3 years . So too real estate. But astonishing to see malls coming up in small towns. How???And now and then a Amazon sales blows the lid away of financial gloom. But the demon of DEMO is still running around..

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People who like graphs, here is the recent spike of activity thanks to India discovering Mastodon in the context of the last 6 months of mastodon.social

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Feel free to use cross-posting in a way that helps Mastodon grow, i.e. copying posts from Mastodon to Twitter, but please avoid doing it the other way around, see our rules on that matter:


Thank you for understanding!

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Opened birdsite after a "detox" period on
Actually felt weird. The layout felt unfamiliar and my TL was just making me angry
Thanks @Gargron

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Echoing the tips others are posting, if you upload a profile picture and post a little bit before following others you'll have a much higher chance of being followed back or talked to!

@Dayglochainsaw reminds me of what @va_shiva said on his work on email being disputed by the institutions that invention can only happen in institutions and nowhere else.

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