vegan baking 

@yeenbean don't watch the video or you'll cringe at their terrible prep, but the recipe itself sounds interesting

minor tech whining 

My personal communication is split between Discord, SMS, Signal, and XMPP

When are we going to have a single, *good* IM system, for both mobile and desktop, that is both secure and easy to use?


I am so heccin good at making pancakes god damn


conservatives whinging over a dude in a dress makes me want to get a houseskirt just to spite them

... also because I think it'd be comfy


had a bunch of ice cream and chips and am now vv speepy


People keep messaging me asking for stuff today and I wanna be like "sorry I already have three other things I'm avoiding"

food idea, alcohol mention 

like if someone told me a given type of dark rum had notes of smoke and bananas, and I'd like 'aite sounds legit'

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slightly lewd 

I love when porn games have some kinda of optional goofy / meme mode where ridiculous shit happens

Makes me smile every time

It's a stay in bed and lazily play Animal Crossing kind of morning

... just realized I have three romcom manga tabs open at once; one straight, one MLM, one WLW

truly I have balanced tastes

losing my mind at how surreal the example for the wikipedia page of "don't talk to me or my son ever again" is

cursed food 

@yeenbean you did not select an option so I have selected for you:

Aunt Myrna's Party Cheese Salad

Bi can mean Neutral or Chaotic
Pan can only mean Chaotic

vegan food 

@yeenbean I sent this video to @ari earlier (after one that pained him greatly)

Some of the combinations are a tad... curious, but there are some good ideas to be taken from it

I'm in a weirdly cuddly mood and I want to hug people

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