#Perspective. Things are not always what they seem. The deer is not crossing the road. The road is crossing the forest.

Upstairs neighbors: please stop dropping bowling balls. Thank you.

The past tense of "to play a didgeridoo" is "didgeridid".

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There is an app for beard-lovers to find (other) guys with beards.

Why am I not surprised

Middle aged white women: why do you take an eternity to be rung out at registers?

Julian Assange was arrested. After spending seven years mostly in the same room in an Ecuadorian embassy in the UK, he went full goblin.

Why do people buy DVDs/Blu-rays? They're so expensive.

I got a serving tray for tea at work and now I can truly call myself an office butler

Python 2's end of life is Jan 1, 2020

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This day hasn't really started yet but can it end already anyway?

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