cursed sex terms 

If a throat pussy is a thrussy, the uvula is the thritoris

@starwall @manchot @carcinopithecus There's no conceivable reason the world needed a giant sea spider, with limbs the length of the height of a human man, but yet nature sought to make one never the less, further proving the Spider-Dog-Worm Theory, nature is simply too horny for these three body plans, it's perverted and I'm hopeful with our work here we can finally, at long last, get everyone to kink shame nature 😔

If your toe beans develop toe jam, does that make them jelly beans? 🤔

food. cursed. nothing. this is not a place of honor. 

everybody talkin' about "feet meta."

but nobody talkin' about "meat feta."

with good reason, i might add.

tentacles, sexuality, flags 

Saw this posted as a monster fucker pride flag and thought it might be relevant to some of y'alls interests.

Lewd Simpsons shitpost, body horror? 

Someone's ready for an unforgettable luncheon

why do I randomly have ABBA stuck in my head

Cottagecore is an extension of a long-standing tradition amongst Protestants who built quaint but beautiful homes with an emphasis on self-reliance like this beautiful example

cursed American-exemplifying image 

mmmm yes bootlicking nationalism and corporate fetishism rolled into a single permanent tattoo to put on your body

tell me this doesn't sound like something scrolling on the ticker of a fictional news channel in a movie or video game

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The headlines from this accursed timeline continue to dumbfound me

"Boris Johnson's fiancee Carrie Symonds urges more shops to ban coconut products made from monkey labour"

my cat has decided that my butt is a pillow so I guess I'm not allowed to move

silly kink thing 

"Use your words" is discrimination against blushy stammering trainwreck bottoms.

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