Do you have any recommendations for project management tools which would be easy to use for non-tech people, a la trello?

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Not only is this story the best news, I love the way the preview text cuts off at the end

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Looking through ten years of mobile phone videos to see if there's anything worth sticking on peertube. Don't know if it's making me happy or sad. So much funny shit with people I haven't seen for years :/

It might also be a good non scummy alternative to to put the videos that people I follow really want to promote in my subscriptions feed.

Maybe needs some kind of republish feature that acts like a retoot. All these mirrors of the same video aren't really necessary and they diminish the interactions with the original.

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Basically: compromise! Doesn't mean big, morally dubious compromise. Doesn't mean permanent, written-in-stone compromise. Doesn't mean "politics means you have to make The Hard Decisions™" compromise. Doesn't even mean compromise with liberals or centrists or god forbid fascists.

All it means is maybe don't go out of your way to make distinctions between yourself and other leftists.

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@Vortax as I explained to other #security folks on Twitter: YouTube owns us nothing. It's their platform for content monetization and their rules. We're free to use anything else, such as #peertube

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I feel like I should tell the story of my current geeky tech saga, and that I should do it here.

TLDR: I have been trying to de-Google my phone, and it has been a lesson in the penetrating evils of surveillance lockdown we inhabit.


When 1.0 is released, and people are encouraged to create new instances on the , is the equivalent of a subreddit going to be a domain or a hash tag or something else? Will one account be able to post new articles to multiple instances?

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Remember that Gab is a sinking ship and they're basically grabbing onto Mastodon like a parasite in a desperate attempt to get attention from the "drama" of doing so.


Torba has no self-awareness to see how pathetic it looks that his master race ass is incompetent at making a working website so he has to resort to using software made by a Jew instead.

App devs will block their domains, server admins will block their domains, and that'll be the end of that.

I know beauty is in the in the eye of the beholder and that, but the people on reddit that are saying soviet republic isn't a pretty game are objectively wrong.

I don't know what the tags are on here.

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Hate is profitable. Massive platforms "optimize for engagement," with algorithmic recommendations for every bit of content or action, from "you might also like" to prioritizing things that will get you to click, comment, share. They won't fix it. It's working just fine for them.

I think I'm gonna go undercover on the right by blaming the fall of Rome on anything I don't like.

The roman empire collapsed because skepta let asap rocky talk him into using R&B hooks.

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It rests on a naive, ahistorical view of anarchism as a system of extreme individualism rather than a radical tradition of direct democracy on the local scale which *federates* those organisations on a larger scale.
That's directly analogous to the system we're chatting on now!
That's the theory, and @brainblasted lays out clearly what it means in practical terms.

You watch one video of Tim pool lying to Joe rogan and get white nationalist shit showing up in recommendations on youtube.

has failed us.

I'm all for freedom of speech. I don't mind differing opinions, even the horrible ones, but grey and black propaganda shouldn't be actively pushed in front of people.

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ukpol, antisemitism, most galaxy-brained of takes 

Sentences that start "solar power is good in principle..." should be looked at with the same scrutiny as "I'm not racist but..." and "women..."

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