Tokyo à perte de vue dans le soleil couchant, c'est toujours un spectacle impressionnant ! Photo prise depuis la Yebisu Tower (100m ) dans le quartier d'Ebisu.

In , there is this place called "Jonction" where two rivers meet. I love watching the waters melding, it's beautiful and mesmerizing !

Yumi from Code Lyoko for letter Y. I loved this cartoon so much when I was a child !

I visited the Kenrokuen in Kanazawa during winter but some autumn leaves were still there.
I love taking pictures of little details like this^^

Not sure I've posted all the letters but here is letter X, for Xerxes. I've almost done all the alphabet !💪

Memories of last summer, when two damselflies were flirting. In French they are called “young ladies”. Even if they are often called “dragonfly”, they are distinct insects.

I love trees. Did you know that they (mostly) respect each other's private space ? As you can see, there is space between them and one's branch doesn't touch another tree. They are somehow more respectful than lots of humans !

# tree

To be honest, I've never read or watched V for Vendetta but someone suggested it. I saw a fanart in black and white and tried to do the same. It was fun !

T for Tenma (from "Monster") One of my alcohol marker died during the process so I had to fix it digitally at this end.

Not a masterpiece but after a month without drawing, it's not that bad !

Quasimodo for letter Q. I had fun experimenting with alcohol markers and pencils !

Dans la vie, j'aime bien les jeux vidéo indépendants. Alors j'ai décidé de faire un petit blog sur mes découvertes. Voilà :)

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