On a day like today, watch once again Ram ke Naam by Anant Patwardhan.


Seeing the statements of BJP leaders requesting peace is like someone who lit the fire in the first place and now is somehow trying to control it.
Promote Peace not Hate.

Mazhab nahi sikhaata aapas me bair rakhna
Hindi hain hum, watan hai Hindositan hamara

—Allama Iqbal

List of people who died due to Demonetization Disaster caused by Modi Government.. Let's mourn their deaths on 3 years of Demonetisation...

Mala pan boost pahije.. Boost Nahi to Horlicks / Bournvita bhi chalega.😋

I am a fun loving person, love cycling & a hotelier by profession.

Let's trend on twitter so that more people join this network. Tag me on twitter with twitter.com/imansoorshaikh

Now this is epic 👇 👇 👇
बोल रहा है कि नोटबन्दी से फायदा सिर्फ मुझे,मेरे बेटे और आपको हुवा !

आज वक़ील परेशान है कि FIR कहाँ करवाँयें?
Police परेशान है कि उनका केस कौन लड़ेगा?
वाह मोदी जी वाह आपका 😂

I play games on PC (mostly Rocket League lately) and occasionally make content online ranging from videos to music to blogging.

I like working on server projects and self-host everything I can. Also love talking about Linux & FOSS related stuff.

My website is jaykstah.com where I host most of my content (though it's inconsistently updated)

Hmu if you want to play some Rocket League (I'm Plat 2-3)

~ btw i use arch ;) ~

I am digital marketer working full time in the real estate company here at , India.

I am addicted to making and have couple of own projects which generate online incomes using various internet methods.

I am also video game lover. In my free time nowadays I mostly play on .

My website - mansoorshaikh.com

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