@mantissa #lichen (and #moss) indeed deserve a closer look from time to time, and can definitely look like alien worlds up-close!

I especially like those small cup-like lichen you photographed! Can't say I've seen those here before.

Here's a selection of some lichen and (mostly) moss that I dug up from my photo archive: photos.app.goo.gl/E5eXM3aEJJjo
Quite sure I must have some more close-ups of lichen, but #GooglePhotos unfortunately doesn't return results for 'lichen' as keyword.


@FiXato Nice, some cool snaps in there. Good to know I'm not the only one that's fascinated by it! 😊

@mantissa thank you :)
The #moss and #lichen hashtags on here will show you are definitely not the only one fascinated by these integral parts of fauna. ;)

@FiXato Haha, yeah! The amount of buzz around these images is quite impressive. :)

amazing, right? first time I looked at a lichen through a magnifier, I saw a coral reef

@StroomAfwaarts For sure! I can imagine that yielded some impressive tiny landscapes. :D

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