New Weird Shit ! This time I tackle how to create a houdini-esque curl noise in , funky stuff. 🧙

Start to finish in 45 minutes, files included in the description.

@sybren I recently swapped out my 5700XT on linux for an Nvidia card. I was hoping to be able to use a fully open driver stack, but had too many driver crashes.

@StroomAfwaarts For sure! I can imagine that yielded some impressive tiny landscapes. :D

@FiXato Haha, yeah! The amount of buzz around these images is quite impressive. :)

@FiXato Nice, some cool snaps in there. Good to know I'm not the only one that's fascinated by it! 😊

@pixelflowers Yeah, makes sense. I don't mind hosting them myself but it would be good to have a backup!

@pixelflowers You're very welcome! I can't believe I actually got to 100. :D

@maybelaura I'm mostly on Superrare actually,
The VJ loops have always been free though, they're generally a fun exercise.

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