If there's just one advice I could give my younger self, it'd be to keep a diary, and to do so consistently throughout my life, not just when I feel like it.

@fribbledom It's useless. While you're young you'll never read the diary. When you get old your memory will present you with all the significant past memories - while you cannot even remember your name or what you have eaten at lunch.

I think one of the functions of s diary is to remind you of significant elements of your past which you'd rather not acknowledge, and the ones whose significance you didn't realise at the time.

The other one would be to remind you how far you've come since you did 'that thing'.


@Mr_Teatime @fribbledom
Let's be honest. You would never register anything that had the potential to become "significant elements of your past which you'd rather not acknowledge".
And, the only thing you need to remind in order to avoid problems is the anniversary of your marriage.
So, basically it's what I said: a waste of time. 😉

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in other words: you'd prefer the ability to retcon your past whenever convenient :)

I'm not keeping a diary because it takes time and I find it extremely difficult to do things regularly, especially if they take time ... but all of the Müsli's Arguments are correct and valid.

It would be nice to have a record of my own past, as well as explaining my present behaviour to my future self. Might force me to come up with better excuses...

No, they are not correct (Müsli's Arguments).
What, or who, can prevent you from writing untruthful things - say, driven by your momentary strong emotions? Or from writing something somebody else told and you took as true - but it was not?


nobody can prevent you from lying to yourself! But mostly it takes the form of just not thinking very hard about something which you kinda know you're wrong about. A diary is explicit text, so it's written consciously, which makes it hardervto do this. And your future self will likely get better at spotting such lies.
Also: that something can fail does not mean it's useless, because *everything* can fail. Is everything useless, then?


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