I've been (and not be able to find) this (perhaps a tele film). Plot:
A very joyful young woman gets a different boy friend every month (and names them after the month - Mr May, Mr. June, etc). I think the action takes place in N. York, but I'm not sure. One of the boyfriends doesn't give up on her and comes to find out that she has some kind of cancer (in the head, I think) and has only a few months to live, increasingly painfully.
Cannot find it.

Yesterday watched the Because I Said So, starring and .
Although "the current critical consensus" about the movie "is overwhelmingly negative" I found myself thinking after that I had never been so close of understanding women. 🤭


Watched 2002 .
What can I say? Well chosen ex-mr. Crawford for the ladies’ man and as the brunnete fatal temptress.
The story is excruciatingly , but if you like on the flat screen… (At least I didn’t fall asleep as it happened when watching Bergman’s Magic Flute.)


(re)Watched The Winslow Boy (1999), directed by David .
Lots of 'Britishness' (in a time when honour was more important than money.)


Finished watching Mercedes Álvarez' film/documentary(?) The Sky Turns (El Cielo Gira).
In a word the is about extinction, or extinctions - meaning, a collective death beyond individual death.


Over the weekend (re)watched Phillip 's The Quiet American, 2002 .
IMO the most astounding thing about the film is that, without any narration or direct historical reference, it shows how and why the US originated the Vietnam war.
As my father used to say, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions."


Over the weekend watched an , Son of the Bride.
Kind of strange. The somehow seems made of a series of scenes that reminds Quino's Mafalda famous comic strips.


Over past weekend watched the two 3-hour the Best of Youth, which covers major political and social events in between and . The is somehow a of the famous Bertolucci's film 1900.
It took me 2 days to get the root message in the movie:
*If you try to change the world , the world will destroy you and will remain the same. Alternatively, if you change your life you always end-up changing the world a little.*

Still trying to digest the I have seen this week, Lord of starring Nicholas Cage. Which is difficult when it starts with the main character saying: "There are over 550 million fire arms in world wide circulation. That's 1 fire arm for every 12 people on the planet. The only question is: How do we arm the other 11?" - and ends with the subtitle: "This movie is based on real facts."


P.S.: Did you know that Nicholas is Francis Ford 's nephew?

Yesterday watched Fade to Black, "a 2006 British political drama directed by and starring Danny Huston as Orson Welles."


(In the movie it's explained in only 2 lines of 1 scene why O. Welles didn't return to the US until 1956.)

(re)Watched Roman 's The Pianist

The movie script is based on an autobiography. The events took place only 68 years ago.

"What do you fear, milady?"

"I fear a cage, to stay behind bars until use and old age accept them, and all chance of valor stay beyond recall or desire."

Anyone can say from what movie did I take this dialog?

Over past week watched Wim ' The State of Things. The is a hard critic to the of independent/B series movies by the .
(I just don't understand why the director chose B&W having the beautiful scenario of -Portugal...)


Recently watched Imagining Argentina, a written and directed by Christopher Hampton. (Based on facts , so I cannot really understand the title...). At some point at the beginning of the movie a narrator says: "When the military dictatorship fell in 1983, here in Argentina, we were told that we should never look back. ... But we have to look back. It is our sacred duty to look back."


Over the weekend watched Blue Car, written and directed by Karen* Moncrieff.
The of what we call shown in several ways. Good movie.


* Yes, the director's name is Karen. There are few things as stupid as a label on a name.

Yesterday evening finished watching Anton 's , a "biographical film about the life of Ian Curtis, singer of the late-1970s English post-punk band Joy Division" until his suicide at the age of 23. Lots of music of the Joy Division band.


Watched Dark Matter, "a 2007 American drama and the first feature film by opera director Chen , starring Liu Ye, Aidan Quinn and Meryl Streep."

If you’re interested in , , , and/or (in the land of the fee, I mean, free) don’t miss it.