Watch me, cat. Can you do this? Yippee...

Syriastories Arkivert is an to call on people to help others. It uses 28 videos to show what is really like for people in .
(click inside the browser to start/stop the videos)

I don't think people realize how much fedj is like the regular web in terms of being completely shit and controlled by one or two players. If you write fedi software that follows the ActivityPub and ActivityStream standards to the letter, guess what? It will literally not work with mastodon or any of the other major fedi software. Even if you also comply with proposed but not yet formalized modifications to the specs.

Mastodon has created an entire set of entirely undocumented de facto ““““standards”””” that all other fedi software is forced to follow since mastodon is the most popular software. They are literally google and google chrome being able to just make shit up and force everyone to follow, but even worse because at least google documents their ““standards”” (for now at least).

- You're misspelling Saturday.
- It's a words game, you say?
- Using the word cat?
- Hoof, hoof, hoof... ROFL

The cat? Was there a cat?

“Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

― Otto von Bismarck

When your 💩 doesn't work you can always rename it to 🆕 💩

To avoid "toot storms, 500 characters at a time" you can get an account on
For blogging why don't you try NanoBlogger. (It comes by default on many Linux repositories.)

May you heal your ability to trust yourself so you’re no longer thrown off course by the opinions of others.

Stop polling the audience. Start trusting you.

Hey fediverse, does anyone have a picture of a laptop with a "This machine enforces copyleft" sticker?

The incredibly long sulphur dioxide plume from #LaPalmaeruption as detected Oct. 19 by #Copernicus #Sentinel5p has spread through Europe
via @PlatformAdam


"Deliver a project in 4 easy steps"

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Oh! That's a very enlightening answer. Thank you. (No irony here.)

Well, you may not believe it, but I actually sleep better when I take a small coffee after dinner.

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