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'The Wire' moves Delhi High Court challenging the new IT Rules made by the Central Government to regulate intermediaries, OTT platform and digital news media.

A division bench headed by Chief Justice DN Patel to consider the petition tomorrow.

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Must say that these awards seem like a lifetime ago. Most of my achievements these days is just about watching TV news & making some sense of it. That requires some courage but not a patch on what the other women mentioned have achieved with their work, grit and real-world impact twitter.com/USAndIndia/status/

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5 countries, including India, account for about half of girls & women alive today who were married in childhood: UNICEF analysis released on

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For International Women’s Day, Harshita Singhal & I write this article to trace the underlying gendered bias pervasive in judgements rendered by Indian Courts & examine far-reaching consequences of the same for gender justice in the country.


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Karnataka HC Wants Govt To Enquire If Isha Foundation Collected Money By Projecting 'Cauvery Calling' As State Project @ishafoundation@twitter.com,@SadhguruJV@twitter.com livelaw.in/news-updates/karnat

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Adv Biju: I am completely against that. Tarnishing image of the Court

CJIBobde: This court has always given the largest respect to women. Even in that hearing, We never gave a suggestion that you should marry, we had asked are you going to marry!

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In a full court room, I’m the only woman. Happy Women’s Day all!

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International Women’s Day Has Its Roots In Socialist Feminism - so must ignore the branded content and celebrate the day by reading up. @RollingStone@twitter.com had this useful guide rollingstone.com/culture/cultu twitter.com/seemay/status/1368

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I demand that International Men's Day should also be celebrated: BJP MP Sonal Mansingh in Rajya Sabha

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The UP CM is, in effect, saying that Constitution is the "biggest threat"!

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Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Adityanath said that secularism was the “biggest threat” to the traditions of India getting a recognition on the global stage.


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"Questioning Policies Of Govt. Of The Day Cant Be branded As An Unlawful Activity Under UAPA": NC Leader Hilal Lone Granted Bail By J&K Court livelaw.in/news-updates/unlawf

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