Phew. Found a cat-sitter. Laundry is going. Didn't manage to get a guix box up and running (laundry and cat care took precedence), so at this point it's probably sanest to take the macbook with the working Coq environment on it to DeepSpec rather than trying to learn the ropes of Yet Another Unix while also trying to keep up with a summer school.

So many boxen, so little time.

I already knew I wanted a pet beaver, now I really want one °-°

Silly but actually serious question: if you needed to mic a sleeping cat, how would you do it? Could you do it on a sub-$200 budget? Sub-$100? Sub-$50?

I know very little about sound design but am eager to learn.

High five, Sasha! (taken by my friend Giancarlo, whose hand that is)

I compose sacred and secular choral music, and put it online under a CC by-SA license so choirs can sing it for free!

Publishers won't touch my work because I won't let them prohibit photocopying, so I need support from people like you.

My Patreon is

I have other options for people who prefer them:

Thank you so much!


Couple notes for moderation:

If you're reporting someone for spam, please include at least one toot in the report, it saves time for us. Especially important if you are reporting someone for DMs, they are not visible in our UI unless they are included.

Don't report sex workers for "illegal in the US", this isn't the US. If you don't want to see anyone from, open the profile of anyone from and choose "Hide everything from" in the dropdown menu.

As Hintjens rightfully pointed out, the more you spend time "discussing" changes, the less time you spend actually implementing them, and that becomes a dissuasive barrier to entry.
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What do we want? Secure hop-to-hop email delivery! Where do we want it? Everywhere!

Meredith's iron law of the black market:

When there exists a resource for which demand exceeds supply, no matter what regulations are in place, either a market for it will develop, people will kill each other over it, or both. If you're lucky, you get to pick.

A possible alternative approach to Web search is for sites to be self-indexing, with sharable indices, and validation (and penalties) for deceptive practices (either false term inclusion or exclusion).

The simple existence of a websearch and index protocol would wipe virtually all of Google's present value.

To all of you who have called, and those who wrote an e-mail, and those that support in all different ways, from very vocal to very silent -- thank you.

You guys are amazing. You are taking part in a political and historical process.

This is an old one, but a golden one. And it applies to 2010, 2012, and now just as well.

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"I like to add � and ’ any time I submit online forms because I know that some developer is going to see it and wonder if they have a bug"

@rysiek @alcinnz

The (well organized) people must not be allowed to sway the vote of MEPs to reduce the sad, weak influence which "might" come from the publishing industry. </snark>

New housemate moved in yesterday! Another chapter begins in the chronicles of meatspace. Sasha approves of his luggage.

If you cannot call, if you feel uncomfortable calling, this is understandable, please do not feel bad! And apologies for putting you under pressure in case you felt that way.

I hate calling people. I am lucky enough to be able to overcome this, and I try. But if you can't or won't that's entirely fine!

Any support counts. Support Wikimedia, EDRi, Panoptykon Foundation, Mozilla. Many, many others.

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The calling needs to continue. Additional group to focus on -- Portuguese S&D:

More groups in the parent toot.

What they need to hear is:
- Copyright Directive's Articles 11 and 13 are a danger to the free Internet
- Copyright needs fixing, but this is not the way to go
- Please vote AGAINST THE MANDATE tomorrow.

Be polite. Say your name, and who you are. Be respectful.

And from ! We can win this!

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uspol, abortion 

So it looks like Roe v. Wade isn't long for this world.

Friends, I live near a Planned Parenthood in a liberal state and I have a very nice guest bedroom.

If you or someone you know needs help getting an abortion, if they need a place to stay, please talk to me.

Place de la Bourse has basically turned into b-boy central and everything about that is awesome. Brussels has always been good for diegetic music, but lately it's kind of like living in a musical comedy.

There's a Reddit AMA with a copyright expert on today:

If you're unsure what's it all about, join in and read on.

If you have an opinion, take part! /cc @phoe @maradydd

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