Celtic knot icon speedrun 2. This one took a while to work out.

Here’s the first few moves of the Celtic knot icon, slowed down using tools (not shortcuts).

1. Draw a polygon.
2. Select every second point.
3. Rotate by 180º from centroid.
4. Round the corners.

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And here’s the last few moves.

1. Hexagon used to cut the parts of the circle we want (60º segments).
2. Copy and rotate 120º around centroid twice.
3. Clean up.

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If you’re interested in more icon speedruns, they’re all here: imgur.com/a/4scqU

And here:

I’m getting close to 100!

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⌘ icon speedrun. This is a pretty silly way to create an icon, just using the polygon tool, rotation and rounding corners.

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Settings cog icon speedrun. Experimenting with rounding corners, then converting them to straight segments to work faster.

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The same technique can be used with lots of different shapes. Here’s a rope-circle thing.

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