my hair is growing out and I'm getting back to the stage of androgyny where people restructure their sentences awkwardly midway through to avoid gendering me 😩👌

[selfies, eye contact, boost+++]

Looking for help with creeps on here? 

If you need help with a creep on here, or want help to out a creep on blast.

I got you.

What's my credentials? Worked for over a year at a domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking shelter with A LOT of training on the subject. As well as someone who has been a victim before

I will keep you out of it, and I will tear that asshole through the mud while you can stand safely on the sidelines.

selfies, no direct ec 

The dirty mirror enby fashion selfies you've all been waiting for have arrived


It’s fun seeing racists use phrases like ‘breeding like rabbits’ about my PoC neighbours, then coming on here and seeing smug bourgie white ‘radical queers’ calling parents ‘breeders’ as if that’s not a massive dogwhistle

please read this, violence, protesting, antisemitism and racism 

@Torie this is absolutely terrifying, I saw it on Splinter and they linked to a Washington Post story fwiw

Side 2 of crooked rain is pure end of summer melancholy shot into the eardrums

Went on a walk at lunch and saw a dude in a Jeep blasting Strafe's "Set It Off," so I yelled "YEAH, SET IT OFF!" at him, but he didn't hear me.

The FBI searched for the answer to an unsolved crime in Los Angeles. In this case, a crate of heroin and a small amount of cannabis gave holistic detectives a chance to formally accuse someone of arson.

selfie ec boosts required 

I did my makeup and sources indicate that I look cute as fuck tonight 😊💕

Worth remembering that The Coochie Seal never inspired a mail bomber.

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