In case you missed it: Michael Berger, engineer from (who wrote "How we stopped making excuses and started improving Basecamp's accessibility") answered some questions I had regarding their shift to a more inclusive webapp

"Eine Gruppe wird dabei offenbar vergessen. und fürchten, im Job abgehängt zu werden, weil nicht mitgedacht wird." (via,

I know, no logos at this project stage. But the GitHub icon was terrible!

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RT Remember that " for idea" from a few weeks ago? I decided to start building it and write about the process in the open:

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RT The Debugger is now showing focus rings on keyboard navigation.

- 10 `outline: none` removed
- huge thanks to Andrew Huth for implementing and for recommending
- no more false choice between aesthetics and accessibility


One unsung skill of Putting the words right out of my mouth (from September 2018 issue).

A classic. Want to implement the pictured layout?

`.container {
display: flex;
justify-content: flex-end;

.foo {
margin-right: auto;

(Basic principle is applicable to every axis/flex-direction)

RT This is a whole new level of spam by "We found your email on GitHub so fuck you we can send you emails whenever we want! ...what do you mean, unsubscribe link?" 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

RT “If we create experiences solely based on our own habits and preferences, we will inevitably fail the user and create useless designs”

Going Colorblind: An Experiment in Empathy and Accessibility

was not the only standardization of laws across this year: There's who standardises Web laws of European public sector bodies . I gathered information on it made a small info site:

I love for this: You can combine $input and one $sanitizer call like this, replacing "text" with name of any $sanitizer method (int, bool, textarea,...). Huge time saver! Source:

Why does use `word-break: break-all;` in their running texts? Odd choice leading to strange word breaks

RT asked: What are the most inspiring sustainable, ethical companies? 🤔

Add your recommendation here:

RT Apple’s Sarah Herrlinger talks accessibility in new podcast interview by

New blog post - "Developing websites for Apple Watch", which summarizes the 8-minute workshop video and adresses's decisions/advice:

RT If you don’t explicitly set a background colour, dark mode’s gon’ getcha.

RT Websites on Apple Watch in watchOS5.

Webkit on a watch.

Does the site you are building get narrow enough? Does it support reader mode? We've expected this for a long time… are you already ready?

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