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Finally finished my two blog posts on why I’m weaning myself away from Twitter in favour of Mastodon:

What’s wrong with Twitter?

What is Mastodon and why should I use it?

Protip: Fire up and check your SSL certificates. Just visited the German website of Kellogg's (because of a dumb joke) and learned that they use a Symantec Cert which isn't trusted anymore by Firefox > 62 it seems:

I don't need to edit Toots themselves, but editable image descriptions would be really nice (in case you forgot to add them) @Gargron

@heydon I took the liberty to sneak in promotion for your books into a "demo app" concept of 🤓

I almost forgot how nice a chronologically sorted timeline is.

(A Mastodon observation, not a Doctor Who quote)

Reach UI ( looks like a very promising initiative by for . If other frameworks would have similar projects and really push them forward, there would be no need for the idea at all.

Whoa, when did has got the Twitter handle 😳

In case you missed it: Michael Berger, engineer from (who wrote "How we stopped making excuses and started improving Basecamp's accessibility") answered some questions I had regarding their shift to a more inclusive webapp

Remember Basecamp's "How we stopped making excuses and started improving Basecamp's accessibility" article? Its author, Q&A and Engineer Michael Berg gladly answered some follow up questions regarding strategies, logistics and techniques of making an existing web app accessible:

Just revived an old account I made a year ago - follow @accessibility for developments in @Mastodon's journey to an inclusive web app

Dave Grohl is such a legend. It‘s hard to describe how this video captures my own love for music and my memories of learning how to play:

BTW he played each of the 7 instruments in the 23 minute song at the end in a single take. That’s how hard he rocks. + it’s a really good instrumental!

In case you missed it:'s CSS Grid talk from this year's is online:

Reminder: In just one month, all NEW websites & apps published by the public sector in the European Union must adhere to WCAG 2.0 (alas, with exceptions). Read more & see the further timeline on my little info website on

RT Hi Google analytics is almost inaccessible with screenreaders👎

RT The team often gets questions about automated testing support for WCAG 2.1, so I wrote up a blog post:

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