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I literally can install the full Ubuntu operating system in the time it takes for this macOS security update.

"We must make software simpler. Much much simpler. And companies who base their service offering on open source software must become more involved in keeping this ecosystem alive in whichever capacity they can."

git tab autocomplete of branch names is heavenly!

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@marcuskaz you might be interested in a time zone I made called Richard Standard Time. Each day of week is offset by the number of hours to the next Friday, so every day is a Friday. Compatible with moment-timezone.

We might be able to make Mkaz Standard Time as well.

I propose all Tuesdays become Fridays, making Weds, Thurs, and Fridays each a Saturday. What was Saturday becomes a second Sunday. Monday stays the same.

I like Javascript a lot more without all the babel, webpack, packages, and other stuff all bolted on.

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Summary: the Villain trys to get the McGuffin, and our reluctant Hero almost fails, but ends up winning in then end.

Lame they are.

Yoda conditionals trade off the rare occurrence of a typo by adding cognitive load to the common task of trying to read and understand code.

It would have been nice to know that security update would take 42 minutes before clicking Update.

I dislike all browsers,
and programming languages,
and operating systems,
and computers.

Hammers are nice.

The `utils` directory really is the junk drawer for software.

Why did "Los Angeles" get blessed to represent the whole Pacific Timezone?

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