Wow, that Mega65 looks amazing, but also wow, it’s super expensive. I think I’m holding out for an Ultimate 64.

🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ Queer and trans rights are under attack.

📖’s brand new book out today, 200 Words to Help You Talk About Sexuality & Gender will teach you the vocab you need to be an ally in these fights.

💫 You might also learn a bit about yourself.

It is truly bonkers how often technology is held back by Marketing, and not knowledge or technology itself.

It’d be really nice if this Mastodon bump weren’t just a short, temporary reaction to Twitter’s issue-du-jour.

When software came with books, manuals and physical things. (Yes, I still have the cloth map, too.)

Oh, wow…there’s an IKEA museum site, and it has catalogs from 1950 onward online:

Remember when the smallest amount of JavaScript would bring your desktop browser to its knees? …and now even mid-level phones (pocket computers) run nice JavaScript-based fluid dynamics. Wild.

Thanks to everyone involved in improving that chain.

If you love your macOS color scheme, and also use Blink Shell on iOS, you might want the same theme there. You’ve also been too lazy to try to recreate it, because it’s a pain. I wrote a thing just for you! (OK, I wrote it for me, but you can use it, too.)

Having tea with a Tasmanian Tiger.

Thanks to Tony Gray from AUC/X World for these.

Bonkers (in the best possible way):

Not just if you’re a video game fan—great site design, too.

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2020-08-05
“So, do you think one day robots will have human rights?”

“Perhaps,” the robot said, “but first I want to see all humans have human rights.”

“What do you mean? All humans do have human rights. It’s in the name.”

“Then I first want to see all humans considered human.”

“Oh. Yeah.”

(Micro SF/F stories)

How to Make this Moment the Turning Point for Real Change

Oh! While it's best viewed on a laptop screen (or larger screen), it's also 'mobile-friendly'. I've just set the screen orientation to landscape, which fixes a problem with some buttons. So, it works on a phone, but really looks better on bigger screen :)

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Today, we're releasing the full text of THE MAKING OF THE TECH WORKER MOVEMENT by, a ~50 page zine that tells the story of how the tech worker movement was made, and how it remade the people who participated in it.

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