Now *that’s* a disk drive!

(I was going through bins looking for something else—which I found!—but also found this…which I’m unsure why I kept at all.)

When software came with books, manuals and physical things. (Yes, I still have the cloth map, too.)

Having tea with a Tasmanian Tiger.

Thanks to Tony Gray from AUC/X World for these.

@marczak: Another short loop, for a little something to think about instead of the rain. I had to compress the video for Mastodon (when does it become “too big”?), and since I can’t post just the audio, you get the imaging analyzer.

More loops and transitions..seems like I can't add a plain mp3, so, you get a video of the mixing console.

Music loop for everyone getting rained on today (with an admitted Vangelis/Blade Runner vibe).

Well, I’m too early for this, and I won’t be back in London to see this. Shame. I hope the exhibit travels (and I end up in the same place at the same time).

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