When software came with books, manuals and physical things. (Yes, I still have the cloth map, too.)

Oh, wow…there’s an IKEA museum site, and it has catalogs from 1950 onward online: ikeamuseum.com/sv/startsida/

Remember when the smallest amount of JavaScript would bring your desktop browser to its knees? …and now even mid-level phones (pocket computers) run nice JavaScript-based fluid dynamics. Wild.

Thanks to everyone involved in improving that chain.

If you love your macOS Terminal.app color scheme, and also use Blink Shell on iOS, you might want the same theme there. You’ve also been too lazy to try to recreate it, because it’s a pain. I wrote a thing just for you! (OK, I wrote it for me, but you can use it, too.)


Having tea with a Tasmanian Tiger.

Thanks to Tony Gray from AUC/X World for these.

@jacobgorban Yeah, `touch` on other platforms covers this, but not the macOS variant. What you’re looking for, though, is SetFile (comes with Xcode command-line tools). `SetFile -d [date]` will set a file’s create date.

@oliof My waffle iron just went bad due to age...you may have just sold me on this one!

@tootapp Test devices: iPhone 7 and original 10” iPad. Both run Toot! with no problem on iOS 14. No visible artifacts, no paste message.

Bonkers (in the best possible way):


Not just if you’re a video game fan—great site design, too.

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