@th Get out of old town, and Stockholm becomes very 2.5D again 😜

@chucker oh, yeah, totally. But some people are willfully ignorant to the whole thing. Not sure what their investment is in the royals. Blinded by their status? Their wealth? Really not sure.

@chucker some people are obsessed with the British royalty. It’s a little strange.

@vkc yeah, it is! Thanks! There is still something about the simplicity of the system that is just not matched today.

Anyone have a good resource for using a Soarer's Converter on Linux or macOS? I'm compiling info for a video on getting the Model M keyboard working with modern systems, and I'd love to assemble some non-Windows-specific resources in one location.

Boosts welcome. #retro #keyboards #mechanicalkeyboards

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2022-09-09
The first Apple event this Fall is over. We got new iPhones, AirPods Pro and Apple Watches, including the new Apple Watch Ultra. Even though I don't do any sports at the extreme level this watch is designed for, (some might argue I don't do any sport at all which would be only a mild exaggeration) I am very tempted by the Ultra. Maybe it is time to refresh my diver's

@keadamander Well, I still have an original C64 :-)

…but I get your point. I did at least drop a real SID into the Ultimate64, and I’ll admit that the HDMI out makes things so much easier. I’m also less worried that each time I turn it on may be its last :-(

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