@jacobgorban Totally agree. Not all in-app purchases are bad, but you have to be really careful.

Holy F@&%ing $&!t.


It’s amazing what this “restricted” hardware is capable of when programmed efficiently.

@tobiaswiese @MacLemon Yeah, definitely possible ways to deal with it safely (or, more safely). I’ll remember the Linux trick from now on! Thanks.

@MacLemon Sure, but someone took the chance. Or someone had a very specialized rig.

I’ve only heard great things about the event, so, I’ll see how I can make it to the nest one.

@MacLemon Hahahaha...just basing it on knowing that there’s no owners.txt file.

Anyway, I hope you get it back to the owner.

I’m always happy to hear that MacAdmin.info helps people out, and I just made some needed updates:


Not only did content get updated, but I ripped out all of the JavaScript nonsense and all external font loading.

Thanks to everyone that has contributed! There’s probably more to update, so please send those PRs!

A new blog post just in under the wire. Configuring a Raspberry Pi, Headless:


(I thought I posted this back in October, just realized I hadn’t.)

@piper @kristinHenry If I have multiple devices, I’d like the client to save my timeline position, so picking up on a different device would leave me where I left off.

@piper @kristinHenry “pet sure”? Should have been “pretty sure.”

Also, I will say that the first client that supports timeline sync via iCloud will have my undying loyalty.

@piper @kristinHenry I’m pet sure I’ve tried them all at this point, and have stuck with Toot!. They all have their pros and cons, but for me, Toot! feels like the one with the most polish and thought. Amaroq is pretty good on the phone, but no iPad app was a dealbreaker for me. I’m looking forward to this ecosystem growing and improving!

We’re open sourcing a blog->Confluence action that you can use in your CI pipeline:


You could even use this to more generally get content into a Confluence Wiki.

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