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@oliof Great! (?...Maybe? No vertical labels could make this go either way.)

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2020-08-05
“So, do you think one day robots will have human rights?”

“Perhaps,” the robot said, “but first I want to see all humans have human rights.”

“What do you mean? All humans do have human rights. It’s in the name.”

“Then I first want to see all humans considered human.”

“Oh. Yeah.”

(Micro SF/F stories)

How to Make this Moment the Turning Point for Real Change

Oh! While it's best viewed on a laptop screen (or larger screen), it's also 'mobile-friendly'. I've just set the screen orientation to landscape, which fixes a problem with some buttons. So, it works on a phone, but really looks better on bigger screen :)

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Today, we're releasing the full text of THE MAKING OF THE TECH WORKER MOVEMENT by, a ~50 page zine that tells the story of how the tech worker movement was made, and how it remade the people who participated in it.

unix rant 

@th Oh yeah - disabling the alt screen is one of the first things I need to do on any new terminal.

Wow - I had the pleasure of interacting with Tim in a previous role. He’s genuinely compassionate and concerned, so, if you piss him off, you’re doing something really wrong.

Keep a notebook where you write down your ideas, inspirations and wishes. Keep reading your old notes and improve upon them.

If something stays on the list for long enough, start working on it: you probably have given it enough thought now and it clearly seems worth it.

📣 Beehive 0.4.0 is out! 📣

New Hives:
- Twitch
- Instapaper
- Rocket Chat
- ipify
- Cloudflare DDNS
- Mixcloud

Added more Events & Actions for various bees and services, Mastodon among them!

...and many more new features & bugfixes!

Get it here:

Announcing airbreak, a toolkit to jailbreak inexpensive CPAP machines to turn them into emergency #COVID19 ventilators by unlocking all operational modes and allowing custom software extensions.

The best part about Easter is the Matzoh.

(Yeah, New Yorker here.)

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