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Fedi generation poll, boost for maximimun demographic analysis

Did you know that you can use TouchID on a Mac to authenticate for sudo?

New in Catalina: if you do this on a T2-based Mac, and have an Apple Watch upgraded to watchOS 6, you can auth sudo with a Watch double-click.

I suddenly can’t retrieve my timeline—is it just me?

Notifications, lists, local timeline are fine.

I have tried every iOS client for Mastodon (up to this point). There is one app that stands above the others in all categories (reliability, usability, and just plain fun): Toot!

If you’re looking for a native app, check it out.

On the back of this, I need to look for a library that allows controller input on Processing. (Suggestions welcome!)

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Dead Cells on an iPad with a paired controller is excellent. Really the perfect game.

Overall, I love that iOS now supports controller pairing. A DualShock makes an iPad into a portable game console. More of this, please.

Well, I’m too early for this, and I won’t be back in London to see this. Shame. I hope the exhibit travels (and I end up in the same place at the same time).

2019: Unicode in strings continues to break things in both subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

The absolute greatest loss in our shift to digital/streaming music is the complete lack of liner notes and credits. Who played what? Who wrote the song? Where was it recorded? Who was the engineer? Who produced it? All important questions when looking at the larger picture.

It's Happening!!!

The @PINE64
#PinePhone Dev Pre-order is live!

This, along w/ the @purism #Librem5 progress, mean that we now have two very solid avenues for Open Sourced Hardware Phones that are geared to run FOSS Linux (Not Android!) OS's!

With 5 separate screens, this restaurant’s point-of-sale system is ready to monitor Matrix.

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