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The best part about Easter is the Matzoh.

(Yeah, New Yorker here.)

Just want to mention to anyone working on covid-19 visualizations: avoid calculating and displaying 'mortality rate'. We don't have data to give this, so any rates will be wrong.

#coronavirus #COVID19 #SARSCoV2 #datavis #datafam

Wrangling Pythons
As I noted in my last Weekly News Summary, several open source projects for MacAdmins have completed their transition to Python 3. AutoPkg, JSSImport and outset announced Python 3 compatible versions last week and Munki already had the first Python 3 version last December.


Apple has included a version of Python 2 with Mac OS X since 10.2 (Jaguar). Python 3.0 was released in 2008 and it was not fully backwards c

If you're providing online services, communications or network infrastructure for other people and you have any kind of basic ethical foundation for what you do:

This talk by Paul Vixie gives a good overview about the problems with the current DoH (DNS over HTTPS) advancements by commercial traffic interceptors like Cloudflare and how Mozilla/Firefox is selling you and your private data out to them.

This is an hour *really* well spent! #SysadminLife #TalkRecommendation

magnifique, chef's kiss, a single tear runs down my cheek

This article—which is more like a short book—amazingly describes the history of HTML/CSS web development.

Really great read.

Holy F@&%ing $&!t.

It’s amazing what this “restricted” hardware is capable of when programmed efficiently.

I’m always happy to hear that helps people out, and I just made some needed updates:

Not only did content get updated, but I ripped out all of the JavaScript nonsense and all external font loading.

Thanks to everyone that has contributed! There’s probably more to update, so please send those PRs!

A new blog post just in under the wire. Configuring a Raspberry Pi, Headless:

(I thought I posted this back in October, just realized I hadn’t.)

We’re open sourcing a blog->Confluence action that you can use in your CI pipeline:

You could even use this to more generally get content into a Confluence Wiki.

@marczak: Another short loop, for a little something to think about instead of the rain. I had to compress the video for Mastodon (when does it become “too big”?), and since I can’t post just the audio, you get the imaging analyzer.

Two Spies is now live! 🚀 The servers are humming along, the crash reports are few, and in app purchase actually works. I’m not much of a martini person, but just may make an exception tonight.

More loops and transitions..seems like I can't add a plain mp3, so, you get a video of the mixing console.

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