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📣 Beehive 0.4.0 is out! 📣

New Hives:
- Twitch
- Instapaper
- Rocket Chat
- ipify
- Cloudflare DDNS
- Mixcloud

Added more Events & Actions for various bees and services, Mastodon among them!

...and many more new features & bugfixes!

Get it here:

Announcing airbreak, a toolkit to jailbreak inexpensive CPAP machines to turn them into emergency #COVID19 ventilators by unlocking all operational modes and allowing custom software extensions.

The best part about Easter is the Matzoh.

(Yeah, New Yorker here.)

Just want to mention to anyone working on covid-19 visualizations: avoid calculating and displaying 'mortality rate'. We don't have data to give this, so any rates will be wrong.

#coronavirus #COVID19 #SARSCoV2 #datavis #datafam

Wrangling Pythons
As I noted in my last Weekly News Summary, several open source projects for MacAdmins have completed their transition to Python 3. AutoPkg, JSSImport and outset announced Python 3 compatible versions last week and Munki already had the first Python 3 version last December.


Apple has included a version of Python 2 with Mac OS X since 10.2 (Jaguar). Python 3.0 was released in 2008 and it was not fully backwards c

If you're providing online services, communications or network infrastructure for other people and you have any kind of basic ethical foundation for what you do:

This talk by Paul Vixie gives a good overview about the problems with the current DoH (DNS over HTTPS) advancements by commercial traffic interceptors like Cloudflare and how Mozilla/Firefox is selling you and your private data out to them.

This is an hour *really* well spent! #SysadminLife #TalkRecommendation

magnifique, chef's kiss, a single tear runs down my cheek

This article—which is more like a short book—amazingly describes the history of HTML/CSS web development.

Really great read.

Holy F@&%ing $&!t.

It’s amazing what this “restricted” hardware is capable of when programmed efficiently.

I’m always happy to hear that helps people out, and I just made some needed updates:

Not only did content get updated, but I ripped out all of the JavaScript nonsense and all external font loading.

Thanks to everyone that has contributed! There’s probably more to update, so please send those PRs!

A new blog post just in under the wire. Configuring a Raspberry Pi, Headless:

(I thought I posted this back in October, just realized I hadn’t.)

We’re open sourcing a blog->Confluence action that you can use in your CI pipeline:

You could even use this to more generally get content into a Confluence Wiki.

@marczak: Another short loop, for a little something to think about instead of the rain. I had to compress the video for Mastodon (when does it become “too big”?), and since I can’t post just the audio, you get the imaging analyzer.

Two Spies is now live! 🚀 The servers are humming along, the crash reports are few, and in app purchase actually works. I’m not much of a martini person, but just may make an exception tonight.

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