once the word "socialism" polls at 51% approval the revolution happens

hearing some impatience from folks about this timeline, so im considering "declaring socialism" right now. that's right, it's within our grasp..... if only we are brave enough to say it...

heres a quick "marxism 101" for all you "libs" and others who dont know the "lingo" :)
proletariat = people. just regualar folks.
relations = feelings
means of productipn = words and stuff

@mardiroos pretty much how politics works in hearts of iron 4, so maybe

look, im no hero. all credit to those brave souls who said "socialism" like, 50 years ago or sometjing

@lyliawisteria @mardiroos the flag is red with the word "socialism" in white on it

@mardiroos I'm a big fan of graduated consensus, so let's try for 70%.

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