Posted my last Instagram post yesterday. I’m deleting my Instagram account on Monday. After a period of time where I was scared it might cost me some freelance work, I finally made the decision. I don’t agree with the system, the company behind it. I don’t want to contribute to it anymore. I don’t want to post my work on it anymore. I’m done. Grateful to all the people that followed my work on it, sometimes even bought something in my shop. But it's time to move on.

@margodeweerdt I quit but kept the content up. I use it as a weird proprietary memory capsule. :D

But yeah, great move. I think it's kind of what walled services want us to believe, they're playing on fear of missing out, with LinkedIn being the biggest offender.

@jonn Thank you. 🙂 I also considered that, but in the end I’m going to delete it. I didn’t want my work still ‘living’ on it. And indeed, they love to let us believe that it is “essential”… I must say, it is a great feeling knocking down that wall. 😃

@margodeweerdt absolutely. My account was purely personal, but I should download my pictures and kiss it goodbye. I think I'll try to find time by the end of the year. :bow:

@margodeweerdt Do you have a new gallery/shop or somewhere that we can view your work now?

(I haven't seen it as I don't do Instagram for various reasons, and ... well, wouldn't mind viewing this morning. Despite having a few things I really _need_ to do. It's the weekend, I can relax and view things along with other bits I need to do )

@Truck Hi! Yes, I have my own website and portfolio, plus a webshop on it: So if you want to check it out, that’s the place. And if you do: Thank you!

@margodeweerdt A big step for anyone, but especially those that use it for their livelihood. Good luck!

Glad to hear that ! Did you hear about ?

Better to have everything on your own blog/website :)

@hyde Not yet, will check that out!

And indeed, I have a website and plan to be more active on it (on the blog/portfolio updates etc.) 🙂

Welcome to the new world, @Margo De Weerdt. Good choice, the only way to stop big corporations with bad habits is to leave them.
@margodeweerdt I showed this message to my wife. She follows a lot of illustrators on Instagram, and wondered how you discovered an alternative platform like Mastodon?

@wouter I discovered Mastodon through @aral at one of his presentations at a conference in 2019. Once I found that, I started to look for alternatives to instagram/facebook/etc. And once I searched, I found much more than I initially thought. Until now, Mastodon appealed to me the most.

I didn't delete mine, but my last post before I changed the password to random gibberish I didn't write down was just a simple background with the text "see you in the fediverse".

@vesperto @margodeweerdt that's what indid on FB, with detailed instructions about how to reach out to me. Few did.

@seedlingattempt You can subscribe to my website with your e-mail address, if you want to:

Or follow me on here, or Béhance (@Margo De Weerdt) 🙂

@margodeweerdt i still need to do the same with mine, but idk, i feel a bit strange about deleting it although the last thing i posted on there was in march last year, so part of me still wants to hold on to it for some reason (although i don't know what that reason actually is), and idk how to move on from there

@rozina You can see for yourself how you feel about it. I thought about keeping my account for a while, but finally decided to delete it. I didn't want my work to have a 'life of its own' there. For me, such a decision feels liberating in a way. I hope you find your own way through the whole Instagram-thing. 🙂

@margodeweerdt i think the things that are holding me back from deleting it is because of the amount of time and energy i have put into that platform, mainly by sharing my work in front of essentially anyone and everyone, also by thinking to myself that it's basically a public portfolio, but i feel that i'm slowly starting to get over it, not to mention that literally every artist ever (well, most of them) happens to be on instagram, so maybe i'm just keeping it out of obligation

@rozina I understand what you mean. It is a great deal of effort to get people to see you/your work on there. But even that is not enough, due to the algorithm and most of all the system behind it. The obligation part is something that plays with the mind of most artists on there. But is it? I don’t think it is (anymore.) I want to put my time and effort in my work, not in a post at platform that I don’t agree with. Hope you can let it go at some point, if that is what you want. 🙂

@margodeweerdt i've also realised that on there, artists are also forced/coerced into being content creators and entrepreneurs as well, which i feel dilutes the whole creative process to an extent, not to mention the disheartening feeling you get when a piece doesn't get enough "likes" because the algorithm decided not to show your work to others.

i also notice that some companies/collectives post open calls and other opportunities on there as well, but i'm sure that i can find other ways to hear about them, such as signing up to their newsletter or bookmarking their website so that i can visit it to find out more.

as for now, i've put a bit of my work up on here, and i've put most (if not all) of it on my site, although i think i've made the pieces a bit inaccessible by not showing them outright (mainly because i wanted to go for a fairly minimal and text-based aesthetic).

i guess the obligation part mainly plays into the fear of missing out as well as the fear of being irrelevant, but then again, i've used instagram for so long that i now have to unlearn it, and try to have a practice that doesn't revolve around it, although this is easier said than done, because ideally, i would like to let it go at some point, mainly because i don't agree with the company and the system behind the app

@margodeweerdt @sergeant Congrats on this move. You’ll be glad you did this!

@margodeweerdt Congrats. You are making the right move. We need more people migrating elsewhere

@fatboy Thank you, and let’s hope more and more people do. 😎

@margodeweerdt I don't know if you experienced any negative effects on your mental health while on Insta, but I remember FB making me really depro after each visit. So glad I am off that platform.

@fatboy Yes, it did have an effect on my mental health. Like a little goblin in your head telling you: ‘You will miss out on commissions. It is part of the job, necessary task as a freelancer. Look, the other people here all love it. Why don’t you?’ etc. And then… Not that long ago… After a long contemplation… I hit the goblin in the head, and said: ’Well, nope. I don’t think so. I’m done.’ Haha! 😄 So yes, happy with the decision.

It's reassuring to see this post of yours. I've been contemplating this for over a year now.
They sabotaged my possibilities of getting any work through my account, even before I could get started. It's come to the point that I make obligatory posts on Instagram, but it makes me angry each time I do.

The only reason that hasn't made me kill the account is that I'm not part of any 'network', so I don't really get much out of any platform at the moment.

#Instagram #Art

@arefgee I’m happy to hear it gave some reassurance to somebody. 🙂 Starting out is always difficult, and a search to find your way. (I that search part seems to be an ever present ting, at least in my experience.) And I haven’t found a ’blueprint-how-to-be-an-artist’ as of yet. I would say: Make your own space on the web on a website/portfolio of your own. Find socials that you enjoy, and spend time there where connections are more genuine. Leave the ones you don’t enjoy.

@margodeweerdt a very good Decision you've made by #quiting #Instagram. 👍😀

Now you're totally up for Mastodon⁉️😁

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