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Marijn Haverbeke @marijn

If you started writing on because 'why not' and 'it's a slick process', consider the fact that the company has started pestering readers to sign up with pop-overs.

VC funded companies are not public works. Their investors will want that $134 million back.

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@marijn $134 million for a notepad is quite a sum…

@hirojin They did sort of push the envelope in the editor space (but yeah, I did that for 50k)

@marijn yeah, but you don't have a billion of users who's data you can sell now, so, who's better, really? it's hard to tell.

@marijn Also, anything you post can disappear at any time. Always control your platform. ALWAYS.

@marijn @TrollDecker How the fuck did they manage to spend $134 million setting up a blog platform?

@iona @marijn @TrollDecker
The editor is really good, the commenting system is unique, the author tools are extensive, the customer support is above average, ad tracking options are abundant, and the performance is consistent.

(I was on a team hired by a publishing company to move them off of Medium and onto a custom-built CMS, which we built.)

@mikeburns @marijn @TrollDecker I can imagine it would take quite some resources to build something like Medium, but the sum of money being talked about seems out of proportion even to the highest quality blog platform. It's more money than I'll see in my lifetime.

@marijn if you like the process of medium, there's a neat self-hostable blogging platform that gets pretty close: ghost

here's some text on how to set it up:

if you prefer static sites, which don't have a fancy online editor, but are WAY leaner and easy to set up, there's hugo:

@marijn What's the best alternative for those who can't self-host?

@accedie seems okay, or rent a wordpress somewhere

@accedie @marijn what prevents you from self-hosting?

Honest question. I'm sure there are good reasons but I'm not clear what aspect of self hosting might be a deal breaker.

@marijn If you view as a wonderful free thing you can use, it's because you are the product, or your writing is Medium's product.

Yeah, I'll stick to my own blog, thanks, if I feel like publishing stuff.

@marijn Seriously I do not understand why Medium is a thing when Wordpress exists

@marijn I've started just hitting the back button or closing the tab when something pops up in front of the article. If I really want to read the article I create a blocking rule in AdBlock Origin rather than hitting the close button.