If you started writing on because 'why not' and 'it's a slick process', consider the fact that the company has started pestering readers to sign up with pop-overs.

VC funded companies are not public works. Their investors will want that $134 million back.

@hirojin They did sort of push the envelope in the editor space (but yeah, I did that for 50k)

@marijn yeah, but you don't have a billion of users who's data you can sell now, so, who's better, really? it's hard to tell.

@marijn Also, anything you post can disappear at any time. Always control your platform. ALWAYS.

@marijn if you like the process of medium, there's a neat self-hostable blogging platform that gets pretty close: ghost

here's some text on how to set it up:

if you prefer static sites, which don't have a fancy online editor, but are WAY leaner and easy to set up, there's hugo:

@marijn If you view as a wonderful free thing you can use, it's because you are the product, or your writing is Medium's product.

Yeah, I'll stick to my own blog, thanks, if I feel like publishing stuff.

@marijn Seriously I do not understand why Medium is a thing when Wordpress exists

@marijn I've started just hitting the back button or closing the tab when something pops up in front of the article. If I really want to read the article I create a blocking rule in AdBlock Origin rather than hitting the close button.

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