Are there any incremental computation systems that treat inputs not as mutable cells, but model the whole system as a persistent data structure, and updates create a new, structure-sharing instance?

That .ICEauthority file name did not age well

If you make accessibility or internationalization in a code library an optional component, you just know half of the people deploying it will ignore it—out of ignorance or as optimization. So taking the side of the end user versus the dev user means just pre-bundling these things

Any sufficiently complicated piece of interactive software eventually grows an ad hoc, informally-specified, bug-ridden incremental computation framework.

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Steven Universe is a children's show which replaces masculine power fantasy with an emotional maturity fantasy. Steven's entire superpower is being kind and understanding, and the show treats this with the same gravity and enthusiasm as other shows treat combat. This is a good and beautiful thing.

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gosh, isn't unix terrible, layer upon layer of crud

in other news, i've been learning about the tty subsystem

aaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaa

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there's sort of an alternative story of hackers in which the movement becomes this amazing empowering story of people coming to terms with their mental health issues for the greater good, and maybe that's where we're heading now

When you set out to document something but then end up fundamentally reconsidering its design instead.

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there is already decommodified anarchist ride sharing app it's just hitchhiking you don't need a phone

Universe: Okay creatures, grace period is over. You can either figure out a way to collectively solve this, or cook yourselves.

Humans: [sectarian violence, denial, incoherent stupidity]

@graydon Oh man, I'm sorry for derailing your design there. (But honestly I still don't think the object thing was going anywhere either.)

Or, in a slightly more articulate way: If your innovation involves dumping the accessibility and internationalization improvements we've been slowly introducing in mainstream tech, it is not interesting to me

new text editor implementation: I'm revolutionary! I get rid of all the BLOAT in the OTHER editors!

me: [tries IME input] [pastes some bidirectional text]

new text editor: completely falls apart

@krasnoukhov Thanks. And yeah, contenteditable was the broken platform that led to that tweet

Every time I announce long-term plans I end up dropping them or replacing them with something entirely different. So I guess I might as well stop announcing.

Here lies Marijn. Wasted his life trying to build solid software on a broken platform.

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