lol i was either thinking about making my bed or this was a very weird typo i can not explain but hope you get the gist

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why has everyone my bed to 4eva i mean is there a Reason beyond just wanting to

good GOD these are extraordinary. i accidentally bought some chocolate with butterscotch in it and was Very Sad but that additional, interior crunch is a phenomenal addition i most certainly will be repeating.

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i’m making Alison Roman’s salted butter and chocolate chunk cookies like, forty five years later than everyone else. i’ve substituted dark chocolate for a high cocoa content milk chocolate because dark chocolate is a migraine trigger for me.

@emilyoram claire this morning was like “someone called emily oram has been liking my pictures on instagram who is that” and i said “she’s one of the most interesting, interested & supportive ppl in my online life” 💓

rain stopped play on our nice long walk through crystal palace but luckily there’s time tomorrow meanwhile i love my beautiful wife

“there’s a quiet room for children”
nell & i have been engaging in some autism in the quiet room for children in which there are and have been zero (0) children.

wild wikipedia page abt “lesbian sexual practices”. simultaneously graphic & clinical. 

i lové this with my whole heart.

“they are commonly used by partners during the preliminary stages and throughout a sexual activity”

“On occasion, for variety, or on a more regular or routine basis”

“receiving a playful spank to the buttocks.”

For a while, one of the buildings was home to a dance studio practicing Margaret Morris Movement, a movement technique inspired by Isadora Duncan’s philosophy of natural movement, the connection between movement and emotion, and the expression of the soul through the medium of the body.

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Aren’t those windows in that first photo extraordinary? They remind me somehow of some artists’ studios I sometimes pass on my way out of London travelling west. They’re called St. Paul’s studios and they’re somewhere near Hammersmith, I think. Imagine the light in there, imagine having such a lot of space!

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can we pls all make a pact not to bring those whack “what’s the most tory/right wing/counter revolutionary thing about you/opinion you hold?” threads over here from the bird site.

i obviously am not sticking up for him or requesting content be hidden. i already felt submerged today by something else & i would feel it just reading the mccain news. just joining the conversation with some depressing toots.

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obviously ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ john mccain but the comments about it here & twitter along the lines of abt his brain cancer etc. are truly horrible to read & sending me to a sort of sunken place where i’m trapped endlessly repeating those eight years & doubly horrible to read given hb’s departure early this morning.

Z corrected my pronunciation in this interview which i have not included but which, rest assured, was absolutely mortifying.

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stopped by dulsie bridge on the way to get an ice cream so I could say hello to another river :perfect:

“wait, are people still talking about berghain?” BURN.

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very proud (and relieved) to have submitted some pieces i’ve been working on for a while. here are two favourite bits from the five pieces!

more selfy going into work late & leavin’ early. goin 2 nell’s haus gonna watch a gay film. goin 2 a wedding together. goin 2 go 2 bed. going 2 go on a walk.

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