I'm reading up on @rek and @neauoire's Hundred Rabbits studio and sailboat, and my jaw is dropping further down to the floor with each paragraph. Mad respect to you two, you are an inspiration!


@neauoire I'm trying to learn your awesome wiki engine by cloning your repo. So far I get that it doesn't have a build step because js composes the page from static databases. But how does search work? How do I generate the static.txt as a noscript fallback? Also, can search engine engine anything other than static.txt?

Rekka wrote about the tools we make, and why we made them, but also that time in French Polynesia when I met another developer on a sailboat who was also having a hard time updating his X Code.

@cassidyjames hello, I trying my hand on Linux desktop again, this time on eOS (great work!). I wonder: as a designer, what graphic tools do you use in your work on eOS? I mostly use figma, which I can use anywhere but wonder what the eOS designers use.

Is the Raspberry Pi 4 any good?

"Itโ€™s good enough to run its own launch website with tens of millions of visitors."


@neauoire noticed that neither 100r.co nor xxiivv.com are optimized for mobile. Curious about the reasoning...? (PS. Been enjoying reading about your sailing experienced, its so cool what your doing)

Collection byย E Lynxย of famous artworks that have been animated and rendered in 3D which you can interact with their respectiveย @sketchfabupload


So I hope you noticed that I've opened a new service, njal.la, where you can get an anonymous domain name! Hope people will start using it and open up mastodon services. :)


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