Has anyone ever gotten hibernation (aka suspend to disk) working on (Arch) Linux with somewhat recent hardware? I seem to be stuck on amdgpu errors after thawing.

@lx I've had major issues in the past, the worst being filesystems errors after every wakup on an XPS9360 a few years ago. Right now it's working fine on a recent Thinkpad and with Arch, but frankly amdgpu was never an issue so no hints how to solve it for you :(

@mariowitte I am trying to get it working on a Thinkpad, too (A485), but so far the graphics seem to be the issue. Funny enough, the UI seems to work after waking up but the whole screen is black except the mouse cursor and tooltips that show up as white noise 🤔
I also don’t know where to start debugging 😅


@lx I feel your pain, such a frustrating topic to debug. I've had good success going through lots and lots of blog posts from other users of the same hardware and combining their recommendations. Not very straightforward though, unfortunately :(
Good luck!

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@mariowitte Thanks! I’ll see if there are any other unlucky souls 😅

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